Saturday, June 16, 2012

Heavy Heart

I really can't believe that i'm leaving in few hours time.
Farewell  UMS, Farewell Sabah,  Farewell  beautiful sunset, beautiful cultures ..... etc
Heavy heart of mine,
3 years has been passed so fast,
i still remembered the first day when i reached Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, i was saying to myself
"o dear.. how am i gonna survive in here for 3 freaking long years??"
Home sick was what i get during that time and all i wanted is to go back !
Yes i mean it.
But believe it or not, i actually feel kinda sad to leave this beautiful place.
'The land below the wind'
3 years is not a short period for me,
knowing that i have to spend 3 years here was the toughest choice i had ever made because i never left home. But studying here has widen up my eyes and i gained a lot of experience.
Sometimes you dont see it, but you will FEEL it.

So many things happened throughout these 3 years.
Be it good or bad,
its actually a good memories that i can treasure
Sorry to say that i'm not a good student,
meaning i dont really study all the time.

To me, i would love to try new things and gain more experience
therefore, i join a lot of activities during my 3 years in Uni
and i'll tell you proudly that i have made the right choices

Joining the English Debate Club has taught me how to analyse and speak
It was mentally torturing especially when you have to build your case
but i have to say i love it!
having the chance to join the debate tournament as Debaters as well as Adjudicators was a good experience for me.

Then i came across this non profit organization called, Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE)
basically its about how we empower the communities with skills and let them be independent on their own. I would say i love this and this is why i'm still with this organization.
"Once a SIFErs, Always a SIFErs"
i've learnt a lot... like a lot...
from communication skills to paper works and hands on brain cracking moment trying to figure out ways to solve the problems.
I'm so glad that i get the chance to attend 2 National Expositions and 2 World Cup which was in Los Angeles and Kuala Lumpur.
And i will always be there :")

At the same time, i have always been interested in the broadcasting field but i ended up studying business. LOL...
but i am very lucky that i've been chosen as one of the Radio Presenters (DJ) for our own campus radio station KKFM which can be heard across the city.
So this is how i get to learn one more skills
and i have to say i really love it.
i just feel i'm in my own world when i'm in the studio.
it gives me a lot of satisfaction

so basically these are some of the main highlights of my University life.
actually there are more but it will take me days to blog about it.

of course not forgetting all the lecturers, friends, and people i meet here.
they are the colors of my life.

And now that i'm gonna leave University soon... ( few hours time)
that means my University life will end soon
and i'm going to another chapter of my life

First of it - INTERN
well, i was so lucky!
i'm sure its luck
that i was chosen as one of the six candidates in Malaysia to join
the Microsoft Interns program
now that i'm leaving KK
and i'll be heading to Singapore soon for few weeks of training
together with other candidates from Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam...etc
then back to Malaysia for my interns
well, i feel very honour and i shall work my A** off real hard
i hope i make my parents proud
because this is the only way i get to repay them.
Mommy and Daddy.. I LOVE YOU!
and i hope i can perform my best during this 3 months time.

well, i guess its time to stop before i go too far.
i just wish that everyone can do well
helll ya!! feel so relief after the brain wracking exam weeks.

All the best mates!
we shall meet during CONVO in October
i'll miss all of you !
and of course the  SUNSET
how can i forget it,
its like one of the main highlight of my life in KK
just call me a SUNSET FREAKS  =)

take care!

till then, see ya!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fly Me To The Moon (cover)

Trying out this song
Fly Me To The Moon before going onair today
Hope you guys will love it =)
Happy SUNDAY !!!

Finals is here next week
i'm nervous...
its time to study
till then see ya !