Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas

HOLA people !!!!!
guess what??
Its the most wonderful time of the year
MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody =)
its been such a long time since I last blogged
How's life people? Hope you are doing great
life been real hectic after graduation
no more school, class, and text books
but workload is piling up
Guess I am missing my uni life
where I can watch movies, "lepak" here and there whenever there's no class, hang out with friends..etc
but this doesn't mean I don't like my life now,
in fact I am loving it (maybe because I am still new and work is not that complicated)
but no matter what, I will try my best and perform well
love the people and culture here.
anyway, enough of boring stuff

Its Christmas Eve today! yippie
time flies... I remember I had fun celebrating Christmas with all my babes.
This Christmas seem to be kinda quiet..
maybe because i'm AGEING?? omg....

not much party this year but at least I received more presents this year!!
*this Christmas is not so bad after all.. =)
What I received?
so I had 2 books, starbucks card, earrings, chocs, bracelet, pants, planner, LOVE (okay, don't get me wrong, I mean LOVE from everyone!!)
more to come I hope *wink & evil laugh*

so I guess that's all from me :)
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance just in case there's no New Year wishes or blogpost from me =)

this is Casandra signing off!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sayangs' Convocation

20th October 2012
another ordinary day for us
but a very special day for my sweethearts
cuz today is their Big Day
after 3 years of hard work
it's their graduation
Happy Convocation my dear
Veronica, Taira, Janice, Elaine and Bell
Veronica, Elaine, Taira, Me

Bell, Elaine, Taira, Veronica, Me

Taira, Me, Janice, Veronica

Look at my darlings..
all suit up
aren't they pretty in their robe ?

Chloe and me at Elaine's convo

We are happy family :)
Look who's here !!
Vivien, our junior in Secondary school :)
thank you !!
Congratulation again my dears!!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Fun Trip

Back to KK to prepare for convocation
3 years has passed so fast
one of my favourite scenes in KK
the sea along the road
coconut trees, deep blue sea, breeze ... etc
the smell of the sea
hmmmmm i'm lovin' it!

the view from our hotel
Marina Court Condos
Big day for us...
not our Convocation but picking up le mama and papa
brought them to the campus for a tour

the Goh Family

the Seng family

awwww... i miss this road
the way back to my hostel
then brought them to Jalan Sulaman for famous Coconut pudding and Lokan
they love it!

next stop
Sunset Bar
Shangri-la Tanjung Aru Resort
too bad its raining so we couldn't see the sunset
just dropped by for drinks

super strong wind
meet Elaine's brother a.k.a A Gor...

time for dinner...
brought le parents to Welcome Seafood at Asia City
since they wanted to have seafood so much
know what??
you have no idea how many seafood meal i had in KK  these few days
before the arrival of parents we had it once
then after they came
we had more....

their favourite Lobster!!!
other than meeting the Goh family
we had a trip to Kundasang with more families
(Yap, Wong, Chan, Goh and Seng family)
sooooooo crowded :)
we love the trip so much

toilet break :)

shopping spree...
look at their faces
full of joy

it was raining so we couldn't see the view clearly

pretty mommies
from left Janice's mom, Veronica's mom, Elaine's mom, My mom

Kundasang Desa Cow Farm

the first time taking picture with umbrella haha
cuz it's raining

say cheeeeeseeee
our colorful raincoat shot with the fresh milk
veron, veron's mom, me, janice, veron's bro
we had so much fun
and too much laughter
stay tuned for next blog post on my sayangs' convocation !!
till then,
bye~~ ^^

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Convo - peekaboo

Back to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah for my convocation for 9 days
Very excited to be a graduate and at the same time,
feel heavy hearted to leave this beautiful campus and city which i've stayed for 3 years...
Too many crazy and beautiful memories
Awesome places, food, people, sunset,........etc
Please give me some time to collect, edit, tidy up the photos
and i shall be back with the complete blog post...
meanwhile these are some of the sneak peeks!
Hope you guys like it <3 p="p">
checked into our apartment
Marina Court Condo
Nice view, nice service...
strongly recommended

Back to Uni to get our robe =)
wheeee... cant wait

Day trip to Kundasang with the families
(Goh, Chan, Yap, Wong, & Seng)

crazy wet look at the Kundasang Desa Cow Farm

Meet upsssss
Crazy photo shoot session with crazy people

the "kan cheong" parents in action

the after celebration
and more crazinessssssssss

tons of seafood !!!
Too many funny things happen...
Things to expect:
PRETTY & BEAUTIFUL GIRLS *thats for sure*
stay tuned for the complete blog post
should be up real soon !


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Motivational Quotes

There are times when we are down and we need some motivational boost
I have a notebook where i collect motivational quotes to keep me motivated whenever i feel down
As the saying goes, sharing is caring
and here you go...

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. - Albert Einstein

It is never too late to be what you might have been - George Eliot

No matter how good or bad you think life is, wake up each day and be thankful for life. Someone somewhere else is fighting to survive.

In life you'll realise that there is a purpose for every person you meet.
Some are there to test you, some will use you, some will teach you and some will bring out the best of you.

All our dream can come true if we have the courage to pursure them. - Walt Disney

Hope these can give you some boost and brighten up your day

Have a great day peeps!!!! =)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Lam Lam's Convocation

This is how i kickstart my October
Spent the afternoon in Tropicana Mall with Kenneth searching for presents for our Lam Lam
after having lunch with Joanne
too bad she has to go back for classes
Attended the #UMMockTrial at night
it was my first time =)
well, i would say its nice
and funny
pretty witness who speaks lots of hashtag

 all the funny actors (future lawyers)
we laughed our way till the end
headed for really late dinner round 12am
it was fun =)
slept over at Jo's place
chat till late night !
just like the housemate life in Singapore 2 months back
----- 3rd Oct BIG DAY for Lam Lam -----
attended Jo's friend's convo in the morning
had lunch with Joanne and Kenneth
waited for hours just for our dear Lam Lam
"It will end later. one more hour to go. you guys wanna go back first?"
"No worries"
hang around in UM going for some tours
its time to hunt for Lam Lam
It was sooooooooo crowded
had some hard time spotting her in the crowds

She is getting ready for a Lifting ceremony with the juniors haha
took off her heels, spec, ...etc
Paying attention to the junior while he's explaining how they do it
she is ready to lay down
GOOD LUCK babe!!!
She is safe after few rounds of Liftings haha

Kenneth, Joanne, Crystal Lam, Me
from the MACH Interns :)

hope you like the gift

met Evelyn as well haha
what a small world
After a long hooooohaaaaa...
its time to go..
Left Lam Lam (who was still busy taking pictures)
Joanne (who has to attend class)
Great time with the gang
crazy, fun, ...etc
car hopping for me too.. haha
thanks kenneth and joanne for picking and dropping me

Friday, September 7, 2012

Intern to MACH (Moments To Be Treasured)

OMG… 3 months has passed so fast, sorry for not updating my blog for such a long period of time as I was busy with my internship.

I really can’t accept the fact that today will be my last day intern-ing with Microsoft Malaysia Sdn Bhd. To be honest, I thought I will be excited the day when my internship ends. However, I actually feel sad and heavy hearted. L I guess I am loving this place after all. It was really a great journey and I learned so much throughout this 3 months from paper works, collecting data, learning all the technology to meeting a bunch of awesome people. FYI, for a non-techy like me, learning to love and appreciate awesome technology that Microsoft has wasn’t easy at all. LOL no kidding!!  To me, technology was never my interest and I never imagined myself working in software IT company, but after spending almost 12 weeks with Microsoft, I guess I’m starting to love it. At least I learn to appreciate it and share it! *applause please* And I’m actually excited about the launch for Windows 8! *strange?!?*

First month spent in Microsoft Singapore was really an eye opening program for me as I get to know bunch of awesome interns from other Asia Pacific Region including Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, and also not forget my dear Malaysian interns! Have to say I love the diversity and richness of Culture. We were well blended I guess. And of course our mama, Anna (University Staffing Consultant for Asia Pacific Region) who picked us and provide us this great opportunity.

Many thanks and WE LOVE YOU ANNA! Thank you for taking care of us *muacks* Other than that, we also get the chance to meet many experienced leaders in Microsoft who has shared with us their insights and experience. Providing us a lot of advice for our future career. Mucho Gracias! Also, Universal Studio trip was FANTASTIC!
I've got to say I love this picture a lot !

After a month of training program in Microsoft Singapore, all the interns are back to their respective country to continue their internship. Guess what? Though we are apart, it has not affect our friendship! Thanks to Lync, Microsoft Roundtable…etc we are somehow CONNECTED! Calling and updating each other through calls, emails, and many other ways. You name it, we have it. *the power of Technology, you have to LOVE it!
Internship in Microsoft Malaysia has given us another “taste”. From getting to know our manager, department, the Leadership Team to other staffs in the company, it was totally a different dimension I would say. Despite all the crazy schedules and difficulties in trying to catch our target individuals for talk and discussion, I would say this is definitely one of my greatest achievement up to date being part of the Microsoft family as an Intern to MACH. Having the honor to attend the events that the company organized including COMPANY BUKA PUASA DINNER and Kickoff event, was our pleasure as an intern. I really do hope the internship could last longer so that I get to meet more awesome people.

Malaysia team ! from left: Kenneth, Karuna, Rina, Joanne, Me, Crystal & Jovian =)
*FYI, this is not a restaurant, its our Pantry! =)
By the way, a little secret to be reviewed after I’ve attended the team building games during KickOff event, they are actually a bunch of Awesome, Fun, Wild, Crazy, ROCK people. Excuse their serious and fierce look during work in the office. LOL!!! Now I know they work hard and play hard too.

I guess I’m being quite ‘long winded’ here, have to stop or else it’s gonna take forever for me to stop sharing here. Last word from me, I LOVE MY INTERNSHIP and Glad to meet a big bunch of Amazing people. YOU GUYS ROCK MY WORLD and coated my internship

Well, I guess this is the summary of my fantastic Internship journey. Stay tuned for my detailed internship blog post.

Till then, see ya !!!
Casandra, Intern to MACH :’’)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Heavy Heart

I really can't believe that i'm leaving in few hours time.
Farewell  UMS, Farewell Sabah,  Farewell  beautiful sunset, beautiful cultures ..... etc
Heavy heart of mine,
3 years has been passed so fast,
i still remembered the first day when i reached Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, i was saying to myself
"o dear.. how am i gonna survive in here for 3 freaking long years??"
Home sick was what i get during that time and all i wanted is to go back !
Yes i mean it.
But believe it or not, i actually feel kinda sad to leave this beautiful place.
'The land below the wind'
3 years is not a short period for me,
knowing that i have to spend 3 years here was the toughest choice i had ever made because i never left home. But studying here has widen up my eyes and i gained a lot of experience.
Sometimes you dont see it, but you will FEEL it.

So many things happened throughout these 3 years.
Be it good or bad,
its actually a good memories that i can treasure
Sorry to say that i'm not a good student,
meaning i dont really study all the time.

To me, i would love to try new things and gain more experience
therefore, i join a lot of activities during my 3 years in Uni
and i'll tell you proudly that i have made the right choices

Joining the English Debate Club has taught me how to analyse and speak
It was mentally torturing especially when you have to build your case
but i have to say i love it!
having the chance to join the debate tournament as Debaters as well as Adjudicators was a good experience for me.

Then i came across this non profit organization called, Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE)
basically its about how we empower the communities with skills and let them be independent on their own. I would say i love this and this is why i'm still with this organization.
"Once a SIFErs, Always a SIFErs"
i've learnt a lot... like a lot...
from communication skills to paper works and hands on brain cracking moment trying to figure out ways to solve the problems.
I'm so glad that i get the chance to attend 2 National Expositions and 2 World Cup which was in Los Angeles and Kuala Lumpur.
And i will always be there :")

At the same time, i have always been interested in the broadcasting field but i ended up studying business. LOL...
but i am very lucky that i've been chosen as one of the Radio Presenters (DJ) for our own campus radio station KKFM which can be heard across the city.
So this is how i get to learn one more skills
and i have to say i really love it.
i just feel i'm in my own world when i'm in the studio.
it gives me a lot of satisfaction

so basically these are some of the main highlights of my University life.
actually there are more but it will take me days to blog about it.

of course not forgetting all the lecturers, friends, and people i meet here.
they are the colors of my life.

And now that i'm gonna leave University soon... ( few hours time)
that means my University life will end soon
and i'm going to another chapter of my life

First of it - INTERN
well, i was so lucky!
i'm sure its luck
that i was chosen as one of the six candidates in Malaysia to join
the Microsoft Interns program
now that i'm leaving KK
and i'll be heading to Singapore soon for few weeks of training
together with other candidates from Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam...etc
then back to Malaysia for my interns
well, i feel very honour and i shall work my A** off real hard
i hope i make my parents proud
because this is the only way i get to repay them.
Mommy and Daddy.. I LOVE YOU!
and i hope i can perform my best during this 3 months time.

well, i guess its time to stop before i go too far.
i just wish that everyone can do well
helll ya!! feel so relief after the brain wracking exam weeks.

All the best mates!
we shall meet during CONVO in October
i'll miss all of you !
and of course the  SUNSET
how can i forget it,
its like one of the main highlight of my life in KK
just call me a SUNSET FREAKS  =)

take care!

till then, see ya!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fly Me To The Moon (cover)

Trying out this song
Fly Me To The Moon before going onair today
Hope you guys will love it =)
Happy SUNDAY !!!

Finals is here next week
i'm nervous...
its time to study
till then see ya !

Monday, May 28, 2012

Beautiful Sunday

Finally its Sunday
to where we went?
it was a random Sunday
went for breakfast at Damai
then headed to Suria
thought going for movie
but ended up Karaoke haha
see told you we are random and flexible
plan can be changed any time
i mean any second
then hang around
headed to Le Safran for Coffee Craving

Lovely Coffee Art

Chloe Babe :)
then i need to satisfy my crave for sunset
dont ask
i dont know why
headed to Sunset Bar @ Shangri-la Tanjung Aru

Jazzing my Sunday at Sunset Bar
and this lovely sweet lady
can really sing :)
one of my fav that she sang
what can i say more

Pretty babe -  chloe


though cant really see the sun
but i'm very happy to have spent my sunday
chillin by the beach
i'm easy to pleased

and this will be one of the things i'm gonna miss the most in Sabah
and colorful Skies
i dont know how you describe it
i called it
breath taking

then headed to fetch Bell for dinner at Station One
been long time since we last met with her
and her silliness

the Band
like that way he sings
so Jazz...

presenting Bell
always claim herself CUTE


and so this was how i spent my Sunday
chillin and Jazz
and most importantly
sunset <3

have a great day peeps
- casandra-