Friday, October 26, 2012

Fun Trip

Back to KK to prepare for convocation
3 years has passed so fast
one of my favourite scenes in KK
the sea along the road
coconut trees, deep blue sea, breeze ... etc
the smell of the sea
hmmmmm i'm lovin' it!

the view from our hotel
Marina Court Condos
Big day for us...
not our Convocation but picking up le mama and papa
brought them to the campus for a tour

the Goh Family

the Seng family

awwww... i miss this road
the way back to my hostel
then brought them to Jalan Sulaman for famous Coconut pudding and Lokan
they love it!

next stop
Sunset Bar
Shangri-la Tanjung Aru Resort
too bad its raining so we couldn't see the sunset
just dropped by for drinks

super strong wind
meet Elaine's brother a.k.a A Gor...

time for dinner...
brought le parents to Welcome Seafood at Asia City
since they wanted to have seafood so much
know what??
you have no idea how many seafood meal i had in KK  these few days
before the arrival of parents we had it once
then after they came
we had more....

their favourite Lobster!!!
other than meeting the Goh family
we had a trip to Kundasang with more families
(Yap, Wong, Chan, Goh and Seng family)
sooooooo crowded :)
we love the trip so much

toilet break :)

shopping spree...
look at their faces
full of joy

it was raining so we couldn't see the view clearly

pretty mommies
from left Janice's mom, Veronica's mom, Elaine's mom, My mom

Kundasang Desa Cow Farm

the first time taking picture with umbrella haha
cuz it's raining

say cheeeeeseeee
our colorful raincoat shot with the fresh milk
veron, veron's mom, me, janice, veron's bro
we had so much fun
and too much laughter
stay tuned for next blog post on my sayangs' convocation !!
till then,
bye~~ ^^

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