Monday, October 31, 2011

It's DOOM WEEK !!!

o gosh....
I'm living in deep stress now...
its gonna be DOOOM WEEEK ..
4 midterms,  1 quiz, and 1 assignment to submit..
seriously in STREESSSS.....

found a new way to release it..
never knew BLOGGING can release stress though..
all u need to do is
type n type n type
express, express and express !!!
gosh... excuse me..
i hvae no idea wat i'm talking actually...
guess i'm just worry for my exams...

k.. guess i need to go
wish me luck n i shall PRAY HARD !

nights peeps =)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

testing testing :)

Morning peeps :)
Just wanted to test blogging via phones and see if its works

Anyway... All the best to if u r having exams today :)
And if you don't... Happy Holiday then ;)
May a
U all have a wonderful dan fantastic weekends ahead

Taddaaa----- ;)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Think PINK !!

waking up in the morning
i feel that i should share some info with u guys that i found in the net
its PINK RIBBON and its related to ...

Breast Cancer, a cancer originating from breast tissue, 
a disease of human and other mammals especially women

Over the course of a lifetime, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer
and these are the risks: 
1. Age and gender- the risk of getting it will increase as you aged, and women are most likely to get it than
2. Family History- you may have higher risk if you have close relative who has had breast cancer.
3. Genes- some people may have genes that are more likely to get it
4. Menstrual cycle- women who got their periods early (before age 12) or went through menopause late
     (after age 55) have higher risk.
5. Alcohol- drinkin more than 1-2 glasses of alcohol a day may increase the risk
6. Childbirth- women who never had children or had them after age 30 have higher risk
7. DES- women who took diethylstilbestrol (DES) to prevent miscarriage may have higher risk after the age  
8. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)- you'll have higher risk if you have received hormone  
     replacement therapy with estrogen for years.

the reason i'm sharing these is because i feel that we should be aware of it
it doesnt mean if you are men, you will not get it,
because chances of men getting it is stil there, just that its lower then women
therefore, we should pay attention to it... 

i'll be posting up another post regarding this topic soon
stay tuned =)

o ya.... HAPPY DIWALI to all Indian friends 

have a great day ahead =)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Everything (cover)

Yes after soooo long.. i finally did another cover
its Everything by michael buble

hope u like it =)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


i've been Thinking, thinking real hard lately...
That how people meet
from stranger to friend
this is consider step one.. and it is easy
but after becoming friends,
to keep the relationship and build it,
is not easy task
cuz u have to understand each other and care for each other

so we met few months ago...
you chat with me for the first time when i was busy doing my duty
you came, done your stuff
still not going off.. staying there... wanted to have more lines
ur lines were sweet and melting
well, i was actually enjoying the chat too...
not because of your sweet talk...
but it was really nice chatting with you

then we met again on the next event
u were as usual...
sweet talk and sugar lines...
but this time we didnt spent much time together
cuz we both have own work to do
only few lines
but it means a lot
even exchange number this time....

hoping for calls or something
but it seem not so positive..
guess you were too busy
day by day... it seem further to me
it was like years ago since we last met..
everyday seem to be too long for me
to think about it..
i'm hoping for surprise and miracle to happen everytime when i'm online

however, it dont seem to be happening...
therefore, i'm reminding myself not to think too hard for it
u wont have idea how hard it is...
cuz u dont even care....
fine... continue wit ur attitude..
i'll be fine...

my fren once said.... "why getting ones no when you dont plan to call him or her??"
now i think of it.. and i agree with the statement
why say something when you dont mean it ??
fine.. no worries.. time is all i need now =)

wat i was trying to say here after such long brag..??
sometime we cant expect stranger to be our friend
its better to remain stranger for some case..
maybe i'm being over sensitive here...
or i ook it too serious..
so.. its better to remain stranger sometime
at least it dont hurt so much...

i guess i was crapping a lot and this post seem very EMO
but thats how i feel...
dont feel like chatting to frens bout this......
just feel like blogging it..
if you happen to meet me... and read this post..
please dont ask me about it
thanks and take care =)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

hey guys...
i;m having brain jamm after hours spent crapping my assignment
so spend some time to blog 
to grasp some fresh air
so we went out with frens faw days back 
well i have to say its another exciting aganda to be blogged =) 
** more still lining **

Heard some sweet love stories from friends and i feel like sharing it with u guys =)
** ehhhmmmm... not being desperate here a... just that i felt it'll be good if i can share some here.. hehe **

so there was a boy * Mr A who was seriously in love with this gal Ms. P since they first met each other back then in year one. Mr. A was amazed and totally in love with her because he thinks that she is pretty and smart.
He was always by her side when she has problems... and he is willing to spend most of his time waiting and care for her... 
Mr. A has been working real hard to catch Ms.P heart starting from the very first day
but it seems that Ms.P is very focus on her studies and activities...
Mr. A has been trying to confess to her few times and sadly, he was rejected everytime..
but then he was very keen on this soon to be happy ending relationship with Ms.P
He is not giving up even after few times of rejection..
i;m not trying to say that Ms.P  is cruel and cold hearted... 
but.. wat she was thinking was to focus on her studies and relationship comes in second...
she was struggling very hard to be good in every single things she does... 
especially her studies, activities, family ... and of course relationship...
After years of struggles... finally one evening... when Mr. A confess his heart and feeling to Ms.P
and guess wat... she finally say YES !!!!
she was touched by his action and patient to wait for her...
even after times off rejection 
phewwww.... can you imagine that ???
after 2 years.. finally they are together ;)
Congratz Mr.A and Ms.P =)
and this is the happy ending for the first story =)

wanna hear more.. ??
stay tuned 
sorry if the story dont sound romantic and touched to you...
my bad cuz my expression for this topic is not up to standard yet =) 

have a great day =)
gonna get back to work =)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

World Hunger

hey guys, have you ever heard of world hunger ??
if you don't, allow me to briefly enlighten you
well.. world hunger refer to the want or scarcity of food aggregated to the world level
problems lead after world hunger will be malnutrition
there are 2 types of malnutrition :
1. Protein-energy malnutrition - where lack of protein and food that provide us energy like meat.
2.  Micronutrient - lack of vitamin and mineral

however, people are more concern on the first problem,  Protein-energy malnutrition  (PEM)
As we all know the protein is necessary for our body to function which include provision of essential amino acids and development and maintenance of muscles.

925 million hungry people in 2010

so this is the fact that i got from World Hunger and Poverty Facts and Statistic 2011. 
As you can see from the chart, the number of world hunger is very serious and yet people are still not concern about it... i mean seriously!!!! People still WASTING FOOD !!!! 
What i was trying to tell is that, GUYS please... you have think take this seriously
its WORLD HUNGER and we are talking about people's life
this is no joke... please dont waste your food ...
if you think you can't finish the portion, you might wanna share with your friend =)
or even of you dont wanna share with your friends... you can always pack your food !
( bring your own container, and stuff the left over in) 
if you have left over next time, please try to think of people or kids from poor countries who
dont even get the chance to sip or eat !!! 
please take it seriously...

in conclusion, i just wanna leave a message here

simple step for a better world... 
dont waste your food 

thanks =) peace 

with love, 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Touching Story

so i was totally amazed when i read this piece of short stories
though it only contains few lines of words.. but it means so much
and here's how the story goes
one day...a man dream of walking on the sandy beach
he found out that there were actually 2 sets of footprints behind him...
it was his own foot print and also God's
he was very delighted to have walk with HIM
and God told him that no matter what happen,
HE'll always be with him
and so this man remembered that during his hardest and saddest moment when everyone wants to leave him
he was totally helpless and he wondered why GOD was not with him
cuz there were only ONE set of footprint behind him...
so he decided to ask GOD...
"Dear GOD, you said you'll always be by myside after i choose to follow you. And why u were not with me during my saddest moment cause i only saw my own footprint on the beach ?"

and you want to know what God's answer ??
" My dear, the only footprint that you saw during that time was MINE, because i was carrying you with me."

so thats the end of the story...
i dont know how you feel...
but for me... it means a lot ;)