Wednesday, November 30, 2011

KKFM goes online =)

hey peeps =)
KKFM goes online
catch me on every monday 1-4pm
for more great songs =)

here is the link =)

till then see ya =)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Why ???

its been N years since i last bloggd
believe it or not... i seriously miss it
as in A LOT !!!
ok.. cut the crap ! just a short one before i go off and continue my work
so yea.. Convocation is here, which means traffic jamm, tamu gadang, events, activities... phewww
u name it we have it
but there's one thing that i still couldn't figure out
" why do SIFE have to do perbarisan " as in marching this year 
i wonder ??? hhhmmmmm
could it be discipline ?? well...  have no idea
but for me, its ok.. cause like it or not, 
no objection =)
sooo.... just accept it with an open heart 
plus it may be a good thing cuz more people will know bout SIFE 
and we have been recognized =)

and guess wat ??? 
we are gonna march tomorrow !!
seriously??? i mean i hvnt been in the lane since i left my secondary schl 
anyhow, wish us luck cuz all of us are like hhhmmmm 
ok... i'm not sure if i could snap some pics for it and make a post of it
but i'll definitely blog bout it
if no pics just bare with me cuz i might not bring my cam along

i guess thats all .... need to get back to work
just sneaking few mins for this
and its very precious... appreciating every mins blogging
gosh... blogging is like part of my life now.... 
how i wish i could blog everyday

ok.. i'm gonna stop right now
as in NOw !!! 
night peeps =)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

support ya =)

hey guys..
lil help here
mind to drop by and like my pic ??
thanks very much

thanks guys...
love ya =)

Awkward Moment

hey kids ...
stop starring at me okay...
i'm not your cup of tea, orange juice or ribena...
i need lil privacy

haha.... so i was in Starbucks.. 
sitting there with my friend
typing our assignments
then there were these kids..
came in with their parents
keep starring at us
one of them even came and lay 
beside my sofa 
and keep starring at me and my lappy
i mean hello ???
wat happen?
wats wrong with you ??
you have a problem?
i dont know... i just feel so weird
i mean seriously...
it was super awkward... 

emm... think cant figure out the answer

Saturday, November 12, 2011


so.. well, its 11.11.11
i have no idea why everyone is so excited about it..
because to me it's only another ordinary day..
plus a nice figure
my friends were all crazy over the 11.11.11
cuz all of them were talking bout it in Facebook and Twitter
*emm... i just fell very curious.. 
perhaps you can enlighten me ;)
so yea. went out with Chloe baby and also Wan Qing to KK
for movie

so waited for the stupid bus for almost 2 hours..
i was starve to death cuz have had any things since yesterday dinner..
and it was 1 pm something already

reached KK and we saw this nice spanish dining 
its called HAVANA located at Warisan

i kinda like this picture =)

and here's our drinks 
orange juice and iced lemon tea 

still waiting for food to come...
my stomach is drumming already...

but still managed to pose for pic hahah ;) come my mushroom soup..
emm.... i;ve got to tell you that it was very nice ;)

haha... i like the blur picture ;)

Chloe baby

Chloe Baby's BBQ Lamb Rib ;)
super yummy

like the deco so much..
and they were playing spanish songs
plus the menu was in Spanish.. haha
we can revise our spanish haha ;)

yea... finally she is done with her lamb rib..
then headed to CP for movie..
"you are the apple of my eye"
a nice and touching movie
plus funny too ;)
go watch !!!

then we headed to the seafront for dinner ;)
gosh.. the view was superb
especially the color of the sky...

Wan Qing =)

dont you love it ??
i mean look at the color..
nicely blend
and it was super windy and phewwww
i'm just speechless
cant find any word to describe

okay.. perhaps there's one

so romantic =)

Wan Qing, Chloe and Me

its actually alio olio
but i dont know why it looks likt carbonara..

this is Carbonara Chicken Spaghetti  

FIsh n Chips 
huge portion..
gosh.. hardly see such big portion nowadays..

well, the food was nice
and the price was okay ;)
so it was a perfect dinner
plus superb view..
couldn't ask for more ;)

so ye.. this is how i celebrate 11.11.11
anyhow this day is gonna end soon ;)
i mean it's already 12.11.11 
when i'm blogging this
ahhah ;)

HAPPY 11.11.11

with love,

Friday, November 11, 2011

Starbucks X'mas

christmas is around the corner 
Gosh.... i cant wait for it
always the best celebration i like through the year..
it'll be perfect if Malaysia snowing in this season
so went to Starbucks after Conti Job with Chloe 
new drinks are here... =)

Dont you love it when you see things been packed in Xmas deco??
i have no idea.. but i just LOVE it

i want this.... this is so nice ;)
can i have this as my Xmas present ?? haha

so here is the new menu:
Toffee Nut Latte
Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha
hmmmm nice ;)

Cranberry White Chocolate Mocha 
there you go... 
but i feel its kinda sweet
so u may wanna request for less sweet or sugar when you order ;)

o.... btw.. for your info,
Starbucks have CARD now
and i've got mine =)
just RM20 you can get this adorable card..
come with 3 designs ;)

so this is like reload card, 
instead of paying cash, you can get your drinks by swapping the card ;)
and get more benefits ;)

o ya... it was actually my lucky day 
cuz i've got another free drink coupon 
thanks Mr Barista ;)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm back !!!!

I'm Back in the airwave =)
its good to be back to the studio
yeay.... feel great to do what i enjoy 
yea.. after 4 months since i last touched 
baby buttons ;)
now i'm back!!!
though i was kinda nervous haha =)

well.... i'll be on every monday
CAFE 911
from 1-4pm ;)
if you are in KK
dont forget to tune in to 91.1 KKFM ;)
i'll be entertaining you with tons of hitz 
and juicy news and gossips 

so this is the buttons =)

feel so excited ;)
say HI from the studio ;)

producer told us to dress up and put on lipstick

i'll have a DATE with MR MIC ;)
there you go ;)
lovely studio 

till then,  this is casandra signing off ;)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


i  really have no idea why
i'm in LOVE with LOUD MUSIC recently...
i mean real LOUD
like it goes POM POM POM
making ur heart beat super fast
hmmmm.... i guess maybe its because of STRESS
so basically i love music
so much that i couldn't live without it....
i got addicted to it so much

seriously... LOUD MUSIC
just make me feel so good...

Sunday, November 6, 2011


yes....  kudos to sem break =)
finally after a week of long suffering week for midterms
great..... i finally can slow down my pace ;)
get to do thing in a slower pace 
so i went to BOOK FAIR in 1 BORNEO this morning
and there is one book which caught my eye =)
so here's the book ;)

hehe.... i was so excited that i grab it 
and guess wat ?????
this is wat happen when i open it ;)





i cant stop myself from laughing
i mean seriously 
so it means

Weird Dream

i guess maybe i dont get enough of rest lately
thats why i've been having weird dreams lately
even for only an hour of sleep.....
trust me it was really tiring
i felt like i've been working in my dream as well...
so i met one of my language lecturer (who taught me during my first sem) few 2 days back in his office
he was stil the same :)
nice smile and sincere talks ;)
then when i went back
i dream of him
telling me that he has received my draft
and after he check he'll give his response
** i mean WAT???
aren't it suppose to happen during 1st sem instead of my 5th sem
i mean i never dreamed of him before all this while
but after this just one look
i dream of him??
hahhahha.... so weird..
i just cant explain how i feel in words
it just feel so weird..
i guess i need more rest n sleeps..

blogging in club ;)

Guess where am I ???
Great.. I'm actually in club
Wanna feel the music n blog..
All I hear is great loud beat..
Keep the beat up baby !!!
Loud n catchy beat...