Saturday, November 12, 2011


so.. well, its 11.11.11
i have no idea why everyone is so excited about it..
because to me it's only another ordinary day..
plus a nice figure
my friends were all crazy over the 11.11.11
cuz all of them were talking bout it in Facebook and Twitter
*emm... i just fell very curious.. 
perhaps you can enlighten me ;)
so yea. went out with Chloe baby and also Wan Qing to KK
for movie

so waited for the stupid bus for almost 2 hours..
i was starve to death cuz have had any things since yesterday dinner..
and it was 1 pm something already

reached KK and we saw this nice spanish dining 
its called HAVANA located at Warisan

i kinda like this picture =)

and here's our drinks 
orange juice and iced lemon tea 

still waiting for food to come...
my stomach is drumming already...

but still managed to pose for pic hahah ;) come my mushroom soup..
emm.... i;ve got to tell you that it was very nice ;)

haha... i like the blur picture ;)

Chloe baby

Chloe Baby's BBQ Lamb Rib ;)
super yummy

like the deco so much..
and they were playing spanish songs
plus the menu was in Spanish.. haha
we can revise our spanish haha ;)

yea... finally she is done with her lamb rib..
then headed to CP for movie..
"you are the apple of my eye"
a nice and touching movie
plus funny too ;)
go watch !!!

then we headed to the seafront for dinner ;)
gosh.. the view was superb
especially the color of the sky...

Wan Qing =)

dont you love it ??
i mean look at the color..
nicely blend
and it was super windy and phewwww
i'm just speechless
cant find any word to describe

okay.. perhaps there's one

so romantic =)

Wan Qing, Chloe and Me

its actually alio olio
but i dont know why it looks likt carbonara..

this is Carbonara Chicken Spaghetti  

FIsh n Chips 
huge portion..
gosh.. hardly see such big portion nowadays..

well, the food was nice
and the price was okay ;)
so it was a perfect dinner
plus superb view..
couldn't ask for more ;)

so ye.. this is how i celebrate 11.11.11
anyhow this day is gonna end soon ;)
i mean it's already 12.11.11 
when i'm blogging this
ahhah ;)

HAPPY 11.11.11

with love,


  1. seems like u enjoyed the trip so much.

  2. only three of you went? Oh...lovely...seems like u three enjoy so much..the view is nice too!

  3. @ shii teck : yea... very enjoy indeed ;) thanks for the link ;)

    @Euniceee: haha.. thanks ;) nop... i'm currently studying in KK ;)

  4. I heard about good comments on Havana, but never been there yet. Hello Sabahan! :)