Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Why ???

its been N years since i last bloggd
believe it or not... i seriously miss it
as in A LOT !!!
ok.. cut the crap ! just a short one before i go off and continue my work
so yea.. Convocation is here, which means traffic jamm, tamu gadang, events, activities... phewww
u name it we have it
but there's one thing that i still couldn't figure out
" why do SIFE have to do perbarisan " as in marching this year 
i wonder ??? hhhmmmmm
could it be discipline ?? well...  have no idea
but for me, its ok.. cause like it or not, 
no objection =)
sooo.... just accept it with an open heart 
plus it may be a good thing cuz more people will know bout SIFE 
and we have been recognized =)

and guess wat ??? 
we are gonna march tomorrow !!
seriously??? i mean i hvnt been in the lane since i left my secondary schl 
anyhow, wish us luck cuz all of us are like hhhmmmm 
ok... i'm not sure if i could snap some pics for it and make a post of it
but i'll definitely blog bout it
if no pics just bare with me cuz i might not bring my cam along

i guess thats all .... need to get back to work
just sneaking few mins for this
and its very precious... appreciating every mins blogging
gosh... blogging is like part of my life now.... 
how i wish i could blog everyday

ok.. i'm gonna stop right now
as in NOw !!! 
night peeps =)

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