Sunday, January 22, 2012

Belated Birthday post...

okay.. i know i'm not a hardworking blogger..
cuz this is supposed to be up on Oct 2011...

so i went back to attend SIFE WORLD CUP 2011 
Daddy and Mummy brought us to 
Lemon Garden, Shangri-La 
to celebrate my birthday...
and Jess Maine (cousin) too
and they served tons of food.... =) 
yummy.... let the food tour begin

and salad or appetizer section 


bread =)

dessert corner

sushi bar =)

dim sum corner

fresh seafood

salad and appetizer 

o yea.... i'm too full....
so i went for walk with the kidos....
walk around and wait for my food to digest...
and this is the view =)

look who i found !!

yea... its Mickey...
guess he knows its my birthday 
hahahahha =)
brought the kids there cuz they wanna take pics with Mickey

i dont remember the name ...
name it for me if you know haha

and this is my Birthday Cake from the hotel...
too full to have a whole cake...
so we just took slices 
excuse me....
i'm seriously full....
then daddy fetch me and Natalie back to the hotel to meet the rest of my SIFE TEAM

went back to the hotel to wait for the Cultural Dance performance
but it was canceled later
so Chloe, Natalie and me decided to go out for a drink

and here we are...
went to Pavilion for tea...
kinda late actually haha




Ugly face...
says dont you mess with me =)

bought this MINIMO-X 
as birthday present *kononla... 

self - portrait....

bye bye Pavilion...
time to go back to the hotel
meeting Bell too....

we had so much fun =)
and ofcourse i like the birthday celebration =)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Morning 20 Jan #random

Morning Peeps =)
its actually a random post
grab few minutes to blog this while waiting for my babes =)
heading out to settle all the stuff before heading back to KL tomorrow...
cant wait to see Daddy, Mummy,  and everyone !!!!!!
miss them so much....
o yea... plus all the Malls in KL
hello 1U, The Curve, Sungei Wang, TimeSquare,
Neway =)
and more....................

another challenging day though =)
but who cares
challenges are good =)
i like challenges

have a great day ahead peeps =)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Out we go ..

Well, this is supposed to be posted months ago...
by the way
rang the gals and we plan to hang out again
to where ???
KK town 
so early in the morning 
we went to Gaya Street
had our brunch at this shop called

Lemon Grass Drink
and Orange Juice (obviously)

this is Milo Dinosaur 
the gals say its nice...

mushroom and egg toast
claypot chicken rice
well, to be honest, 
we dont really think the food is nice...
but the drinks are fine 
then we went for walk at Gaya Street
and headed to Suria Sabah 
went to a lot of shops...

ok its Dinner Time,
so we went to this new French Cuisine Restaurant 
Le Safran which is located in Suria Sabah

kinda like the ambiance though =)

they have a lot of nice photos taken by famous photographer
on the wall....

Taira ordered TWG tea which comes in different few types of flavors
but i dont really recall which she ordered...
my bad... =(

Iced Cappuccino 
and the pot of TWG tea =)
it taste Good =) 

Hot Cappuccino with Cute Bear Art 

our dessert =)
cremebrulee ;)
in few flavors...

chloe and cremebrulee =)

o ya... and this is our main course
Spaghetti in Tomato paste
Cabonara Pasta
Grilled Fish
and Garden Salads
yummy !!!
excuse me =)

it was kinda early 
therefore, we decided to hang out 
and we were craving for some JAZZ music =)
o yea...
we love JAZZ !!!
headed to this pub in KK town
HITO near KK seafront

ordered house red wine

o yes....
this is the man 
who super bass voice...
his voice is just superb and i love the way he sing the songs
"Somewhere Over The Rainbow"
in JAZZ style 
and not to forget his keyboard player
they just MELT our heart
and they are very FUNny 

Chloe and Taira

Chillin our House Wine

hello... can you see i'm in love ??

Taira and me =)

well, unfortunately, 
we only managed to enjoyed for an hour 
cuz we have curfew...


好象好多年都没写华文 了。。。
突然好想用华文express 我的感觉
可是不知该对谁说, 于是就对BLOG 说吧。。
等。。。。 想了好久才知道BLOG的中文是 ‘部落格’





Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Holiday Mode is ON baby

o yea, 17th Janurary mark the end of my 5th semester as i've finished my last paper an hour ago...
so this post if stil fresh... hahah... yes !!
i'm officially off for this semester and semester break mode is ON baby !!!
but first i need to finish all the recording for the Cafe911@KKFM program for the whole month...
hmm.... guess i'm gonna stay in the studio and finish all the work before heading back to KL
wait for me people, i'm going back to KL soon
shall start planing my days in KL too...
reserve some dates haha... =)
this semester is real hectic
busy with studies, assignments, meetings and activities for SIFE, duties as DJ for KKFM with tons of recordings... hhmmm.... so much to do with so limited time available...
but stil... i gonna say i LOVE my life very much....

o yea...  guess what???
i'm indulging in this treat after my final paper
yes i say that we should put aside the calories sometime =)
enjoy your life a lil...
yes... thats how life is suppose to be..
well, i'm not sure about you, but this is how i live mine
i work hard when i have too...
and i play hard when i can too =)
whatever it is... enjoy your life and cherish moment =)
okay.... i kinda crap alot..
cant help it cuz i'm in the mood to crap and share today
haha... well, at least i can have more time to blog....
yes !!!!!!!! it was abandoned and dulled lately with no pics
so i promise i'm gonna beautify it with pics and colors...

with that, i'm gonna rest my case mr speaker sir ;)
have a great day peeps =)
stay tuned for more post and updates =)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

My promise to Grandma =)

Well, finals is almost over.... yeay
i still  have one more paper to go
i'm gonna be free and wave Semester 5 goodbye... whee...
but still i'm gonna work hard for it.. cuz i've made a promise =)

Decided to blog bout the goals that i've achieved 
and these are what i've promised Grandma
* well, i miss her alot =) and of course mummy, daddy, everyone under the  hut...  o ya... and not to forget those kuchi rats... KIDOs =)
wait for me everybody... i'm gonna be back to KL real  soon... 
cant wait to see all of you...*

Back to the topic, 
so i lived with grandma for few years when i was young... 
and we always have chat and its never end... 
just love you chat with her 
she loves me a lot... and so do i =)
so i remembered i once told her that i'm gonna be a prefect in secondary school and i'm gonna own the blazer too.... and guess what? I DID IT =) i was one of the main board member who own one of the blazer
then i told her i'm gonna go for STPM and get into University....
well, eventually i finished my STPM, and now i'm in University Malaysia Sabah
and the next promise among me and her
----- i'm gonna throw my graduation hat wayyyyy up high into the blue sky...
well, guess its gonna happen real soon, one more semester to go =)
Guess,  i've kept my promises to Grandma and i never let her down 
of course this apply to Mummy and Daddy too =)
words cant explain how much i love them and i feel grateful for this blessed family

so yea... basically there's only one more promise to fulfill now...
just gonna graduate with flying colors 
and get a good intern =) 
hope i'll be receiving the call from the company and telling me the good news ;)
so lets keep our fingers crossed =)

its looks near, yet so far to get it =)
nevermind, lets work harder to achieve it =)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

1st post in 2012

Hi and hello 2012 =)
hmmm.... recap  for 2011
well... honestly,  i feel 2011 seriously gave me a lot of lessons
in either ways... good and bad
thanks 2011 for giving such lessons
thanks for letting me learn
i'm grateful for it and i gained knowledge too
in terms of academic as well as social
thanks for giving me best parents in the world, families and friends who will always be by my side
(thanks from the bottom of my heart)
thanks for letting me to get to know some awesome new friends and people...
making my life more interesting and colorful
not to forget lessons that i've learnt and gained...
i seriously feel that i learned A LOT in 2011
i'll treasure all the good and bad memories in 2011
i'll accept more challenge in 2012 "bring it on baby"
i'll try to be better than 2011
so please bare with me and give me opportunity to gain more experience
o ya.... 2012.... remind me that i'm actually graduating next year... opps... sorry it's this year
hahha.... didnt realized its actually 2012 now =)
Graduation??? omg... time really flies..
i still remember the first day in lecture...
and we were all like nerd and dumb kids trying to focus and copy the notes on the LCD screen
hahhaha.... and now... we're like bunch of monsters who try to escape lectures and tutorial...
**** well, actually this dont apply to be... cuz i'm good hahhahaha..... okay okay maybe once or twice... but not more than that ****
so... yea... i'm gonna treasure all this and make full use of the rest of the time to enjoy my Uni life to the max
Exams???? Hell ya !!! i'm so gonna get you down haha =)

at last, i think i shall make my resolution for 2012
but need to finish my finals first haha

Last word:
Live every moment, 
Love every day,
because before you know it,
Precious time slips away easily
So.... Treasure every day like there's no other tomorrow
Happy New Year Everyone 

- casandra-