Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Out we go ..

Well, this is supposed to be posted months ago...
by the way
rang the gals and we plan to hang out again
to where ???
KK town 
so early in the morning 
we went to Gaya Street
had our brunch at this shop called

Lemon Grass Drink
and Orange Juice (obviously)

this is Milo Dinosaur 
the gals say its nice...

mushroom and egg toast
claypot chicken rice
well, to be honest, 
we dont really think the food is nice...
but the drinks are fine 
then we went for walk at Gaya Street
and headed to Suria Sabah 
went to a lot of shops...

ok its Dinner Time,
so we went to this new French Cuisine Restaurant 
Le Safran which is located in Suria Sabah

kinda like the ambiance though =)

they have a lot of nice photos taken by famous photographer
on the wall....

Taira ordered TWG tea which comes in different few types of flavors
but i dont really recall which she ordered...
my bad... =(

Iced Cappuccino 
and the pot of TWG tea =)
it taste Good =) 

Hot Cappuccino with Cute Bear Art 

our dessert =)
cremebrulee ;)
in few flavors...

chloe and cremebrulee =)

o ya... and this is our main course
Spaghetti in Tomato paste
Cabonara Pasta
Grilled Fish
and Garden Salads
yummy !!!
excuse me =)

it was kinda early 
therefore, we decided to hang out 
and we were craving for some JAZZ music =)
o yea...
we love JAZZ !!!
headed to this pub in KK town
HITO near KK seafront

ordered house red wine

o yes....
this is the man 
who super bass voice...
his voice is just superb and i love the way he sing the songs
"Somewhere Over The Rainbow"
in JAZZ style 
and not to forget his keyboard player
they just MELT our heart
and they are very FUNny 

Chloe and Taira

Chillin our House Wine

hello... can you see i'm in love ??

Taira and me =)

well, unfortunately, 
we only managed to enjoyed for an hour 
cuz we have curfew...

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