Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Holiday Mode is ON baby

o yea, 17th Janurary mark the end of my 5th semester as i've finished my last paper an hour ago...
so this post if stil fresh... hahah... yes !!
i'm officially off for this semester and semester break mode is ON baby !!!
but first i need to finish all the recording for the Cafe911@KKFM program for the whole month...
hmm.... guess i'm gonna stay in the studio and finish all the work before heading back to KL
wait for me people, i'm going back to KL soon
shall start planing my days in KL too...
reserve some dates haha... =)
this semester is real hectic
busy with studies, assignments, meetings and activities for SIFE, duties as DJ for KKFM with tons of recordings... hhmmm.... so much to do with so limited time available...
but stil... i gonna say i LOVE my life very much....

o yea...  guess what???
i'm indulging in this treat after my final paper
yes i say that we should put aside the calories sometime =)
enjoy your life a lil...
yes... thats how life is suppose to be..
well, i'm not sure about you, but this is how i live mine
i work hard when i have too...
and i play hard when i can too =)
whatever it is... enjoy your life and cherish moment =)
okay.... i kinda crap alot..
cant help it cuz i'm in the mood to crap and share today
haha... well, at least i can have more time to blog....
yes !!!!!!!! it was abandoned and dulled lately with no pics
so i promise i'm gonna beautify it with pics and colors...

with that, i'm gonna rest my case mr speaker sir ;)
have a great day peeps =)
stay tuned for more post and updates =)