Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A date with the Sunset

Went to Tanjung Aru beach for a drink while waiting for Veronica's flight
How i miss the beach after a month of semester break...
by the way
this was back in February haha

not so crowded here
guess cuz it's weekdays :)


Juice and Tea by the beach :)
Just LOVE IT !!!
word just cant explain my feeling

Magnificant Sunset
the golden sun
btw... who are they?
strangers passing by
after all, it look nice here too

Dont you like the blend of the sunset?

i will miss this place
a lot
two more months before i grad
gonna be here more often

Monday, March 26, 2012

Insanity Strike !!

know what?
i'm so in the mood to blog out of a sudden
i mean i should have used this time to do my assignment
but i just can't focus...
perhaps after this post i can focus :)
what's on my mind right now that urge me to blog right now... like seriously??

i have so many things running in my mind...
so many that i cant even count
i wish i could split myself into few so that i can multitask...  as in real multitasking business
lately i'm inspired by so many things
so many things i wish i could do

1. To improve my Deejay skills... so that i can improve my program "Chillax Sunday on 91.1 KKFM"
2. To have a Podcast account. My own program. Can you imagine how cool is that? plus its my interest :)
3. To record more Cover as in Songs :) yes !!! i love to sing. well, whether its nice or not, is another matter, haha.. i dont really care if i dont sound like a millionaire superstar... as long as i enjoy it and i LOVE IT !! :)
4. To help my juniors for the activities... assist them
5. To BLOG.. !!! o yes !! how i wish my job is to blog all the time.. :) "well, can't really help it, u'll know how i feel if u're a blogger :)"
6. To learn SALSA. Yes !! you heard me right :) i wanna learn to dance. i love how the music makes me feel... i love to move it move it
7. To make a small video project with my dear friends :)
8. Learn to bake :)
9. Photography
10. My all time dream Fashion

hhhmmm.. what else?
actually there are more.. but i think i could not fulfil all, so at this moment this is more than enough

lol.... first thing first...
above all these....
the most important is still my work, assignments and studies...
though i would love to do all the above first... as in FIRSTTTTT
but.... i still would not put aside my studies...
see.. now you know why i say i wish i could split myself
so that i can do all the above as i wish :)

think i better stop before i crap more :)
chaoz :) take care !!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

I'm loving my friday :)

It was a hectic friday for me.... as usual, even though no class...
but who cares as long as i get to learn something new :)
so i had a Radio Presenter (Deejay) workshop in the morning with the experienced ex-presenter from Johnboy :)
know what? he was super cool wehhh...
taught us a lot of stuffs and brush some of our skills
his jokes are super funny i must say
and the best thing is.. he wont laugh when he's telling his jokes
words cant explain his awesome-ness

then i got a surprise text from the special someone :)
which made my day
okay... i'm loving my friday cuz its full of fun and excitement

then after lunchie with veron and yuan i stayed in the library to continue my never ending business
waited for the time to pass...
then came an experienced man
he share with us some of his amazing stories and his experience
phew... he's good !
all his stories and advice was good
he has brilliant ideas
and very informative
too bad time doesn't allow us to listen more of his stories and experience...

so basically... my day was filled with experiences, ideas, knowledge, laughter, unexpected heartbeats,....  etc.
and that's why i love my day :)

GTG  peeps.. sorry for not updating my blog cuz kinda busy lately
have a great weekend !!! GBU muacks !! <3

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ficelle Boulangerie Patisserie

another day out with my babes during CNY 
well,  i know i'm late.. real late for this post

so we went to Ficelle Boulangerie Pastisserie
in the morning for nice brunch

like the ambiance

meet my pretty babes
Elaine  and Chloe <3

its GSC ;)

 Chloe and William

well, they serve different types of breads and pastries ;)
yummy ;)

nice colorful macaroon

yummy... mushroom soup, cabonara, aglio olio, cappucino

yummy fruit tarts

it taste delicious ;)

super full....
and we headed to SUNWAY after a long discussion


super like this pic..
taken by my babe Chloe <3 you !!!!!

natural smiles ;)
Elaine and Roy

super NERD look

super jamm....
took this while waiting for the looong jamm

i had a great day with my babes <3
finally GSC reunion
happy day everyone