Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It Was FUN ;) and i Enjoy it ;)

Got up early in the morning...
went for KKFM meeting...
met some new friends there..
Ms brief us what to do n what not to do... (pheww)
then went for News shooting with the seniors
well... actually i dont really know it will consume so much time just to shoot only a short video...
tons of editing need to be done...
from planing, organizing, shooting, editing ...... and more..
hehehe... then we went for dinner at 1B...
i got free dinner cuz its their treat.. hehhe
and i requested to watch movie ;)
guess what??? we watched "SUCKER PUNCH" heheh
very nice... it was kinda confusing and scary at first
every scene of the movie keep me surprise... esp the sound effects..
to be honest.... i did screamed .... (a lot) hahaha
and i pity the senior who sit beside me.... hehehehhe sorry la..

so here it is.... the trailer of the movie ;)

so what u think ????

Monday, March 14, 2011

IB night 2011

International Business Night 2011
Elegant As Simplicity (Hollywood)
Date: 12th March 2011
Venue: Shangri-La's Tanjung Aru Resorts and Spa
Time: 6.00pm til Late night

so this is the runway stage :)
meet Addy, the IB president for 2011/2012

Jonathan :)

Dear Miss Director Jancy who has work her heart out :)

Jolene in Red :)

board of fame :)

menu :)

feel like celebrity :)
managed to take a pic before getting busy with protocol stuff :)

thats Chloe and Paulin
well i was kinda surprise to meet Paulin there ... ;)

Chloe, Lee Xin and Ciyi
all the pretties huh ;)

here we are with the ROCK POSE !!!!!
just wanna show u how rockz the night was :)

and here's the normal pose ahahahha

Protocal team... o plus Chloe too...

meet Prof Syed.... our Cross Culture Management Lecturer...
i enjoy his lectures very much ;)
wise man
who's that pretty with me ????
hahahaha... meet PAN XUE, the hottie from China :)

Eve as Lady GAga

aahha... like this

Kim possible :)

Ciyi, me, Botak n Chloe
i have no idea why ppl call him botak ???
we looked ugly huh.... ??

Botak saying HI :)

Hafiz as Adam Lambert !!!
looks alike
well done hafiz :)
its us with the funny Samson :)
super seniors....
and this is Jonathan... ex-tutor + super super senior...
both of them so supportive !!
thanks alot for coming to the dinner and supprt us !!!!
U guys rockz !!!!!

meet Mr Jaratin, our funny International Human Resource Management Lecturer :)
actually he is our senior as well :)

Jun Fui as technical team and Bruno Mars :)
look alike ???

see the Blue Dress hottie ???
she's Sylvia :)
3rd yr lovely senior
they were performing
so enjoy :)

this is Evelyn...
president for 2010/2011
JOyce :)
course mate

Afiqah course mate as well :)

Mr Chua
he came to support !!!

Cynthia and Armstrong
the sweetest couple :)
seniors as well :) thanks for coming
Mr Wajiran one of our future lecturer :)

Jing De, 1st yr junior as Harry Potter :)
cute huh ???
Katy Perry !!!!

Fui Yien as PINK the rock star
i heart her style !!!!!!!!! yoyoyo !!

Jonathan... the most supportive tutor and senior !!!
can see him in every single IB activities ....
o ya... other than that, he is also very popular...
hahah... tons of fans !!!! (girls) hahaha
always give advice wan...

look !!!! Lisa is here to support as well :)
thanks dear !!!! muack !!!

hahahhahaha... the funny and very active senior -----
acting Cute !!! omg.... hahahaha so funny


OMG !!!!!! all the GUYS acting CUTE
please STOp acting cute GUYS ...
not suitable ok !!!!!

blur a d..... :(

Pei Ung our course mate :)

so here she is... Sylvia
3rd yr senior :)
very nice...
i had good memories with her...
hhehehe.. being Emcee for last dinner :)
LOVE ya !!

Sylvia and Chloe

Meet Debra (the winner for Hottest Female award) and Siew Kei a.k.a Young jie jie
who always help me with my assignment
i will miss u all very much
here SIew Kei (young Jie Jie )

Debra :)
so thats about it !!!
our dinner night has put a full stop on it
really happy and enjoy the night
all the hard work and sleepless night had been paid off :)
well done to all the committees :)
final word from me ????
IB ROCKZ !!!!!!!