Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It Was FUN ;) and i Enjoy it ;)

Got up early in the morning...
went for KKFM meeting...
met some new friends there..
Ms brief us what to do n what not to do... (pheww)
then went for News shooting with the seniors
well... actually i dont really know it will consume so much time just to shoot only a short video...
tons of editing need to be done...
from planing, organizing, shooting, editing ...... and more..
hehehe... then we went for dinner at 1B...
i got free dinner cuz its their treat.. hehhe
and i requested to watch movie ;)
guess what??? we watched "SUCKER PUNCH" heheh
very nice... it was kinda confusing and scary at first
every scene of the movie keep me surprise... esp the sound effects..
to be honest.... i did screamed .... (a lot) hahaha
and i pity the senior who sit beside me.... hehehehhe sorry la..

so here it is.... the trailer of the movie ;)

so what u think ????