Monday, March 14, 2011

IB night 2011

International Business Night 2011
Elegant As Simplicity (Hollywood)
Date: 12th March 2011
Venue: Shangri-La's Tanjung Aru Resorts and Spa
Time: 6.00pm til Late night

so this is the runway stage :)
meet Addy, the IB president for 2011/2012

Jonathan :)

Dear Miss Director Jancy who has work her heart out :)

Jolene in Red :)

board of fame :)

menu :)

feel like celebrity :)
managed to take a pic before getting busy with protocol stuff :)

thats Chloe and Paulin
well i was kinda surprise to meet Paulin there ... ;)

Chloe, Lee Xin and Ciyi
all the pretties huh ;)

here we are with the ROCK POSE !!!!!
just wanna show u how rockz the night was :)

and here's the normal pose ahahahha

Protocal team... o plus Chloe too...

meet Prof Syed.... our Cross Culture Management Lecturer...
i enjoy his lectures very much ;)
wise man
who's that pretty with me ????
hahahaha... meet PAN XUE, the hottie from China :)

Eve as Lady GAga

aahha... like this

Kim possible :)

Ciyi, me, Botak n Chloe
i have no idea why ppl call him botak ???
we looked ugly huh.... ??

Botak saying HI :)

Hafiz as Adam Lambert !!!
looks alike
well done hafiz :)
its us with the funny Samson :)
super seniors....
and this is Jonathan... ex-tutor + super super senior...
both of them so supportive !!
thanks alot for coming to the dinner and supprt us !!!!
U guys rockz !!!!!

meet Mr Jaratin, our funny International Human Resource Management Lecturer :)
actually he is our senior as well :)

Jun Fui as technical team and Bruno Mars :)
look alike ???

see the Blue Dress hottie ???
she's Sylvia :)
3rd yr lovely senior
they were performing
so enjoy :)

this is Evelyn...
president for 2010/2011
JOyce :)
course mate

Afiqah course mate as well :)

Mr Chua
he came to support !!!

Cynthia and Armstrong
the sweetest couple :)
seniors as well :) thanks for coming
Mr Wajiran one of our future lecturer :)

Jing De, 1st yr junior as Harry Potter :)
cute huh ???
Katy Perry !!!!

Fui Yien as PINK the rock star
i heart her style !!!!!!!!! yoyoyo !!

Jonathan... the most supportive tutor and senior !!!
can see him in every single IB activities ....
o ya... other than that, he is also very popular...
hahah... tons of fans !!!! (girls) hahaha
always give advice wan...

look !!!! Lisa is here to support as well :)
thanks dear !!!! muack !!!

hahahhahaha... the funny and very active senior -----
acting Cute !!! omg.... hahahaha so funny


OMG !!!!!! all the GUYS acting CUTE
please STOp acting cute GUYS ...
not suitable ok !!!!!

blur a d..... :(

Pei Ung our course mate :)

so here she is... Sylvia
3rd yr senior :)
very nice...
i had good memories with her...
hhehehe.. being Emcee for last dinner :)
LOVE ya !!

Sylvia and Chloe

Meet Debra (the winner for Hottest Female award) and Siew Kei a.k.a Young jie jie
who always help me with my assignment
i will miss u all very much
here SIew Kei (young Jie Jie )

Debra :)
so thats about it !!!
our dinner night has put a full stop on it
really happy and enjoy the night
all the hard work and sleepless night had been paid off :)
well done to all the committees :)
final word from me ????
IB ROCKZ !!!!!!!

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