Thursday, April 26, 2012

Meet #TnC

Hello Peeps
well, as promised in my previous post
I'll introduce you the Crew
but before that
i need to answer a question
as many of you've been asking me in Twitter and wondering
not Terms and Condition, not Timbalan Naib Canselor
It's "Try and See"

well, i have to admit that we are a bunch of Crazy Blogger who share
common interests
and that's how we've been LINKED !

well, we are currently taking part in a Filmmakers' Competition called "Links5"
organize by Kota Kinabalu International Film Festival (KKIFF)
and currently its the 4th year
for more info
check out the link

so lets meet the first member from the #TnC crew

Taira Khoo
also known as the Superb PR lady
you'll be amazed how she knows everyone in the campus and outside the campus
dont be surprise when you go out with her
and she'll be saying HI all the time different people
She's also one of our Student Representative in UMS
basically, she will be the PR lady
who can promote and get all things done
with her cool communication skills
she's also a food directory
so if you find any problem looking for food
please, you need to check out her blog
and this is the link to "FOOD directory"

Meet Janice
She's a daring little darling who dare the dares
guess what?
she is really cool
her biggest achievement is travel backpacking
all alone to
few places
She loves photography and can be a script writer
she can express
If you dont know her well,
she'll be the COOL next door girl
but if you know her longer
you'll realized that she's just funny and crazy girl
who enjoy photography, blogging and travelling
check out her blog

Next, lets meet another sweet heart from the crew
She's Chloe
who has a really strong interest in photography
She can bring out the feel in the photos
so i would say she's a talented photographer
she also loves to edit photos
She is also another food lover
who gets really excited when she see food !
She's also Kitty Lover
if you have any Hello Kitty info
please you have to inform her
cuz she'll be really crazy for Kitty
well if you wanna know more about this lovely lady
check out her blog

well, you must be wondering why there's a cartoon here
Ladies and Gentlemen,
please meet the youngest member in the crew
Yuan a.k.a POCOYO
dont you think they look alike?
so cute
she is our Director, Producer, Film Editor, Photographer.... etc
well, she's just too adorable that you will not scold her or bit her
She'll get excited every time she talks about the video
and the next moment
you'll find all of us
getting high talking over the video
If you wanna know more about her,
This is it.

Meet Veronica
another daring lil sweet heart
she's a food lover and a sexay hawt stuff
she's get the attention all the time
Guys just got electrified by her most of the time
she love to talk as well
gets excited all the time
a happy go lucky personality made her
famous among friends
she always call herself crazy bitch
but i'm not agree with the bitch word
i think supposed to be sweet heart
To get to know her more
drop by her blog

well, last but not least
well, i think i dont have to introduce myself here

so basically this is #TnC
stay tuned for our video
and dont forget to support us !

Janice once said
in dinosaur language "rawr.." means "I LOVE YOU"
so last word from me
We rawrrrrrrr................................................................................ you !!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

#TnC Shooting Day

Guess what?
its shooting day for our short video
yes !! this is the day that #TnC been waiting for
so what r you waiting for?
Let's go !

went to Karamunsing to get the balloon pumped
then headed to Tanjung Aru for the shooting

its written on my face

Setting up the gadgets :)
and reafy for shooting

Yuan a.k.a Pocoyo

*we soaring, flying !!*

Janice didnt noticed we were behind her
*evil smile*

okay girls..
after some fun
its time to get down to business

the fell down scene
o dear...
you have no idea i have fall how many times just for this scene
but who cares
as long as the video is NICE
its worth :)

wonder what we were doing?
"Will You Marry Me" scene?
haha... nop ! not at all
well the focus was on our hands

happy Taira and Veronica


love this shot by Janice :)
aren't the balloon look Awesome?

Janice, Veronica, and me
we were too excited with the balloon

know what?
i really love this photo

This is Yuan a.k.a Pocoyo
our beloved director

the famous PR lady
Ms. Taira Khoo

Chloe Chan
woman :)

Happy go lucky girl

Me, Chloe and Taira

well, actually if you noticed the bubbles on each of our photos
who does it?
the blower??
well... meet Janice haha
she actually called herself Blower
dont get me wrong
not that blower k :)

we got really excited with the bubbles....
and guess what
my balloon said bye bye to me
it flew way up high into the blue blue sky
so sad...

it was raining
so all of us got our own WET LOOK


finally shooting is over..

Family photo session

you may say we are crazy
but we are who we are
and we love it
that's the spirit of #TnC

o ya.. i love one line from Chloe
" common interests LINKED us together"

wanna know more about the crew?
well, Stay tuned :)
cuz i'll be telling more about the crew in the upcoming post



Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sneak Peek #TnC

Sneak Peek
So we continue our video mission today
where we went?
Tanjung Aru Beach !!
for fantastic sunset and beach activity scene

Meet the Beach

The Crews' Sandals

Tell me you miss Balloon !!!
Yes !!!! we bought this along for the video shoot
colorful balloon

what else?
Remember this?
one of our childhood memory

Last but not least
meet miss bubbles...
wheeeee :)

Thanks for staying tuned..
for more update bout this post
stay tuned for the next post

love you all
from #TnC

Thursday, April 19, 2012

GSC Reunion

It's Semester Break
though its only for a week but it more than enough for me
plus its not a holiday
cuz so many things to be done
interviews, assignments, midterms.....etc.
but today i'm meeting muy girls...
finally GSC reunion
went for lunch at Ben's@KLCC after watching We Not Naughty
i would say its a nice movie

some cards for you to kill the boredom
but we dont need that
cuz our conversation is never ending.. :)

Darling Elaine, Chloe and Me

Aglio Olio Spaghettini

Traditional Fish and Chips

Cafe Mocha, Iced Pandan Lemongrass, Iced Lemon Tea
Classic Baked Cheesecake
Rocky Road Cake

*nyum nyum*
we were bloated
the Elaine left cause Chloe and I need to attend another assessment
and the assessment was kinda challenging
met few SIFErs there too :)
*finger crossed*

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Its a nerve racking day for me today
need to attend an interview to secure my internship
*finger cross*

after the interview, went to 1 Utama
since everyone is so busy with their own work
so it was a Single Day for me

i kinda enjoy walking alone
while waiting for Daddy to come and fetch  me
i came across this nice Cafe

love the ambiance
its warm and comfy


i would say its a nice place to hang out with friends


Earl Grey

sipping my Earl Grey Tea

got myself a dress and a shirt
welcome to Cassy's Wardrobe, babies.
o ya, if you love breads, desserts, and cakes
you may wanna try some
cuz they serve varieties of it here

---Live, Laugh, Love---

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Holo-Holo Summer A Sandy Escape IB Dinner

It's our course annual dinner today :)
yeay !
we decided to go out earlier to take more photos

according to my personal photographer - Chloe
she said this photo "got Feel"


my personal photographer - Chloe :)

went to the beach for a walk :)

being VAIN again

there you go
the beach :)
and sunset though its kinda far


the opening Hawaii Dance to welcome the VIPs

talented junior - BOTAK

Pretty Junior- Angelia and Sin Hui :)


some of my coursemates

all pretty juniors
and a lost guy who claim that he's pretty

Sexaaay Back
After the dinner we had CampFire

its was really a memorable day for us
we had so much fun
dancing around the fire
a great night to be remembered
a day with all the juniors, lecturers and fellow course mates
...... blessed .....