Wednesday, April 25, 2012

#TnC Shooting Day

Guess what?
its shooting day for our short video
yes !! this is the day that #TnC been waiting for
so what r you waiting for?
Let's go !

went to Karamunsing to get the balloon pumped
then headed to Tanjung Aru for the shooting

its written on my face

Setting up the gadgets :)
and reafy for shooting

Yuan a.k.a Pocoyo

*we soaring, flying !!*

Janice didnt noticed we were behind her
*evil smile*

okay girls..
after some fun
its time to get down to business

the fell down scene
o dear...
you have no idea i have fall how many times just for this scene
but who cares
as long as the video is NICE
its worth :)

wonder what we were doing?
"Will You Marry Me" scene?
haha... nop ! not at all
well the focus was on our hands

happy Taira and Veronica


love this shot by Janice :)
aren't the balloon look Awesome?

Janice, Veronica, and me
we were too excited with the balloon

know what?
i really love this photo

This is Yuan a.k.a Pocoyo
our beloved director

the famous PR lady
Ms. Taira Khoo

Chloe Chan
woman :)

Happy go lucky girl

Me, Chloe and Taira

well, actually if you noticed the bubbles on each of our photos
who does it?
the blower??
well... meet Janice haha
she actually called herself Blower
dont get me wrong
not that blower k :)

we got really excited with the bubbles....
and guess what
my balloon said bye bye to me
it flew way up high into the blue blue sky
so sad...

it was raining
so all of us got our own WET LOOK


finally shooting is over..

Family photo session

you may say we are crazy
but we are who we are
and we love it
that's the spirit of #TnC

o ya.. i love one line from Chloe
" common interests LINKED us together"

wanna know more about the crew?
well, Stay tuned :)
cuz i'll be telling more about the crew in the upcoming post



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  1. nice photos and can really see the happiness thru the smiles! =DDD