Sunday, April 8, 2012

International Business Family Day @Beringgis Resort and Spa

Aloha !!!
we are currently at Beringgis Beach Resort and Spa
attending my course family day and annual dinner
its a super hot day
thanks to the late driver who came late and drive like devil

back to the topic
Beringgis Beach Resort and Spa is located at Papar, KK
it was a nice resort
i like the ambiance
it reminds me of Bali

let's get down to business
see that?
my junior - Dave
were in serious business haha
was giving briefing
we spotted a Gay Couple
haiz... can't help it
The games lasted for more than 2 hours
then after that are FREE and EASY
we checked into our room after lunch :)


Chloe a.k.a woman
with her Art of Balancing

o yea...
forgot to show you the room
and this is it
was supposed to be 3 people in one room
but then only left both of us
so i get the double bed
hooooorayy !!

well, cant wait for a walk around the resort
and continue our Vain Mission :)
and this is the Cafe :)


picture in the nice Gazebo

i love this flower... :)
and the smellll

really had fun taking pictures there :)
then we headed to the beach

thanks to my personal photographer Chloe
for taking this superb photo for me
got feel :)

haha.. can't help cuz i really love the flower so much :)

let's swing

i know i'm being very VAIN here

Even BB is wearing it =)
headed back to the room
GET ready for the DINNER

stay tuned !!


  1. wow one person sleep two beddddd! syok nya!!

  2. wow to the cozy hotel rooms! :) i feel like sleeping there forever lol

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