Thursday, April 19, 2012

GSC Reunion

It's Semester Break
though its only for a week but it more than enough for me
plus its not a holiday
cuz so many things to be done
interviews, assignments, midterms.....etc.
but today i'm meeting muy girls...
finally GSC reunion
went for lunch at Ben's@KLCC after watching We Not Naughty
i would say its a nice movie

some cards for you to kill the boredom
but we dont need that
cuz our conversation is never ending.. :)

Darling Elaine, Chloe and Me

Aglio Olio Spaghettini

Traditional Fish and Chips

Cafe Mocha, Iced Pandan Lemongrass, Iced Lemon Tea
Classic Baked Cheesecake
Rocky Road Cake

*nyum nyum*
we were bloated
the Elaine left cause Chloe and I need to attend another assessment
and the assessment was kinda challenging
met few SIFErs there too :)
*finger crossed*

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