Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sabah Tea Garden Field Trip

ohaiyo :)
its a great day
so this is our 2nd field trip to Sabah Tea Garden
here we come !!

top: Me, Ciyi, Chloe,  LeeXin
bottom: Me, Chloe, Jully PanXue

headed for lunch at Ranau
its actually my first time to Ranau
dont really know where to have our breakfast
so we spent time walking and survey for food
finally we found a chinese restaurant

me, Kim, Chloe, Yen, Lai :)
we are in the same tone

meal is served :)

meet the boss and his sporting wife
then we headed back to the bus to continue our journey :)

here we are
Sabah Tea Plantation Long House

nice Kain Batik rite?
Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting our room to you....

cute rite ?

Girl Power !!

headed to the garden for a walk :)

Hello and Hi
 o dear...
i think i am getting VAIN !

only in Sabah u can see such Blue sky and White cloud

heart this Cottage house :)
message to my dear future husband: i want a house like this too :)

so basically the first day was kinda free and easy
we had some games in the long house
its called the "Key Game"
it was really fun to see all my course mates been fooled and their frustrated faces
wuahahahahahhah !!!!
i wont forget all your funny expressions

Woke up early in the morning for SunRise Walk
unfortunately, Mr Sun was shy
he didnt meet us
but it was a nice walk to the hill for fresh air
Then we headed to the plantation garden
were brifed on the process of processing and manufacturing tea

here you go...
nice view of the tea plantation site

then after check out from the hotel
we went for fish therapy
and i dont mean the small fishes that we saw in the shop
what i mean here is the big ones!!
those that swim in the river
and ready to suck all your dead skin cells
trust me, they are huge !!!

then we headed to Kundasang for lunch
Love this trip so much !!


  1. owis received their flyer about TEA SABAH.. but yet no taste it..

  2. the cottage looks very pretty! :) nice shoots!

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  3. the long house looks nicee! i miss out the fish therapy during my kk trip! =(