Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Its a nerve racking day for me today
need to attend an interview to secure my internship
*finger cross*

after the interview, went to 1 Utama
since everyone is so busy with their own work
so it was a Single Day for me

i kinda enjoy walking alone
while waiting for Daddy to come and fetch  me
i came across this nice Cafe

love the ambiance
its warm and comfy


i would say its a nice place to hang out with friends


Earl Grey

sipping my Earl Grey Tea

got myself a dress and a shirt
welcome to Cassy's Wardrobe, babies.
o ya, if you love breads, desserts, and cakes
you may wanna try some
cuz they serve varieties of it here

---Live, Laugh, Love---


  1. Actually is L.Table by Lavender :)

  2. @Choi Yen: haha...i thought it was an "O". thanks for the info. :)