Saturday, March 24, 2012

I'm loving my friday :)

It was a hectic friday for me.... as usual, even though no class...
but who cares as long as i get to learn something new :)
so i had a Radio Presenter (Deejay) workshop in the morning with the experienced ex-presenter from Johnboy :)
know what? he was super cool wehhh...
taught us a lot of stuffs and brush some of our skills
his jokes are super funny i must say
and the best thing is.. he wont laugh when he's telling his jokes
words cant explain his awesome-ness

then i got a surprise text from the special someone :)
which made my day
okay... i'm loving my friday cuz its full of fun and excitement

then after lunchie with veron and yuan i stayed in the library to continue my never ending business
waited for the time to pass...
then came an experienced man
he share with us some of his amazing stories and his experience
phew... he's good !
all his stories and advice was good
he has brilliant ideas
and very informative
too bad time doesn't allow us to listen more of his stories and experience...

so basically... my day was filled with experiences, ideas, knowledge, laughter, unexpected heartbeats,....  etc.
and that's why i love my day :)

GTG  peeps.. sorry for not updating my blog cuz kinda busy lately
have a great weekend !!! GBU muacks !! <3


  1. Wow! He came all the way to give tips?

    1. u mean Johnboy from HITZ or the other wise guy? :)