Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ficelle Boulangerie Patisserie

another day out with my babes during CNY 
well,  i know i'm late.. real late for this post

so we went to Ficelle Boulangerie Pastisserie
in the morning for nice brunch

like the ambiance

meet my pretty babes
Elaine  and Chloe <3

its GSC ;)

 Chloe and William

well, they serve different types of breads and pastries ;)
yummy ;)

nice colorful macaroon

yummy... mushroom soup, cabonara, aglio olio, cappucino

yummy fruit tarts

it taste delicious ;)

super full....
and we headed to SUNWAY after a long discussion


super like this pic..
taken by my babe Chloe <3 you !!!!!

natural smiles ;)
Elaine and Roy

super NERD look

super jamm....
took this while waiting for the looong jamm

i had a great day with my babes <3
finally GSC reunion
happy day everyone


  1. tried Ficelle before, it's nice but its main one, Levain, has more varieties.

  2. I never heard of Ficelle Boulangerie Pastisserie.. where is it yeah? I only heard of Levain (: both also look quite similar.

  3. @Anne Lee: yea.. Ficelle is smaller compared to levain.. :) most of the pastries are similar

    @hilda: Lot 11 - 0 -12, Jln 3/109 F, Danau Business Centre, Taman Danau Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur. :) go try try

  4. Owhh!! So this is the one in Taman Desa! which is near my place! Will drop by someday :D

  5. almost similar offerings with Levain. 2 issues makes this my not fave place anymores:
    • inconsistency eg 2 plates of the same seafood pasta ordered for our table within 10 minutes and they arrive looking very differently and with different amount of ingredients. i remembered my friend who ordered first had 4 clams while i had 6 when mine came. LOL.
    • no more pet friendly.

  6. i love ficelle too but it has very limited choices there..

    Latest: Penang Food Festival

  7. @nicole sim: yea ;)

    @missyblurkit: omg... seriously? but that day i went it was ok la.. maybe because we didnt ordered the same food.

    @fish: yea.. levain have more choices and the place is bigger :)

  8. sigh, heard so much of this place, but havent really tried yet >< sadness is me.

    Latest: Yip's Kitchen Sunway Pyramid

    1. the concept is almost similar to LEVAIN... :) but u shld go n try out :)

  9. penang hardly got this kind of thing! =(