Monday, February 20, 2012

CNY day 3

Belated post for Day 3 of Chinese New Year
life been hectic lately so didnt have time to filter my photos..
sorry peeps

went to Aunt House in the morning to Bai Nin ;)

i love this blouse very much

 enjoying beats on HITZ.FM all the way

cute CNY cake from Palace of The Golden Horses

a CNY must dish
yum yum

headed to have Dinner with Aunt Susan and family who came back from Penang ;)
took this while waiting for the traffic

everytime when i see this Twin Tower
it reminds me of SIFE World Cup..
good memories ;)
miss it soo much

ya'll love my new Earing ??
i heart it very much

very happy and satisfied with my 3rd day of CNY...
stay tuned for more updates peeps

have a great day ahead
---- xoxo ----

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