Sunday, January 1, 2012

1st post in 2012

Hi and hello 2012 =)
hmmm.... recap  for 2011
well... honestly,  i feel 2011 seriously gave me a lot of lessons
in either ways... good and bad
thanks 2011 for giving such lessons
thanks for letting me learn
i'm grateful for it and i gained knowledge too
in terms of academic as well as social
thanks for giving me best parents in the world, families and friends who will always be by my side
(thanks from the bottom of my heart)
thanks for letting me to get to know some awesome new friends and people...
making my life more interesting and colorful
not to forget lessons that i've learnt and gained...
i seriously feel that i learned A LOT in 2011
i'll treasure all the good and bad memories in 2011
i'll accept more challenge in 2012 "bring it on baby"
i'll try to be better than 2011
so please bare with me and give me opportunity to gain more experience
o ya.... 2012.... remind me that i'm actually graduating next year... opps... sorry it's this year
hahha.... didnt realized its actually 2012 now =)
Graduation??? omg... time really flies..
i still remember the first day in lecture...
and we were all like nerd and dumb kids trying to focus and copy the notes on the LCD screen
hahhaha.... and now... we're like bunch of monsters who try to escape lectures and tutorial...
**** well, actually this dont apply to be... cuz i'm good hahhahaha..... okay okay maybe once or twice... but not more than that ****
so... yea... i'm gonna treasure all this and make full use of the rest of the time to enjoy my Uni life to the max
Exams???? Hell ya !!! i'm so gonna get you down haha =)

at last, i think i shall make my resolution for 2012
but need to finish my finals first haha

Last word:
Live every moment, 
Love every day,
because before you know it,
Precious time slips away easily
So.... Treasure every day like there's no other tomorrow
Happy New Year Everyone 

- casandra-

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