Saturday, January 14, 2012

My promise to Grandma =)

Well, finals is almost over.... yeay
i still  have one more paper to go
i'm gonna be free and wave Semester 5 goodbye... whee...
but still i'm gonna work hard for it.. cuz i've made a promise =)

Decided to blog bout the goals that i've achieved 
and these are what i've promised Grandma
* well, i miss her alot =) and of course mummy, daddy, everyone under the  hut...  o ya... and not to forget those kuchi rats... KIDOs =)
wait for me everybody... i'm gonna be back to KL real  soon... 
cant wait to see all of you...*

Back to the topic, 
so i lived with grandma for few years when i was young... 
and we always have chat and its never end... 
just love you chat with her 
she loves me a lot... and so do i =)
so i remembered i once told her that i'm gonna be a prefect in secondary school and i'm gonna own the blazer too.... and guess what? I DID IT =) i was one of the main board member who own one of the blazer
then i told her i'm gonna go for STPM and get into University....
well, eventually i finished my STPM, and now i'm in University Malaysia Sabah
and the next promise among me and her
----- i'm gonna throw my graduation hat wayyyyy up high into the blue sky...
well, guess its gonna happen real soon, one more semester to go =)
Guess,  i've kept my promises to Grandma and i never let her down 
of course this apply to Mummy and Daddy too =)
words cant explain how much i love them and i feel grateful for this blessed family

so yea... basically there's only one more promise to fulfill now...
just gonna graduate with flying colors 
and get a good intern =) 
hope i'll be receiving the call from the company and telling me the good news ;)
so lets keep our fingers crossed =)

its looks near, yet so far to get it =)
nevermind, lets work harder to achieve it =)