Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weird Dream

i guess maybe i dont get enough of rest lately
thats why i've been having weird dreams lately
even for only an hour of sleep.....
trust me it was really tiring
i felt like i've been working in my dream as well...
so i met one of my language lecturer (who taught me during my first sem) few 2 days back in his office
he was stil the same :)
nice smile and sincere talks ;)
then when i went back
i dream of him
telling me that he has received my draft
and after he check he'll give his response
** i mean WAT???
aren't it suppose to happen during 1st sem instead of my 5th sem
i mean i never dreamed of him before all this while
but after this just one look
i dream of him??
hahhahha.... so weird..
i just cant explain how i feel in words
it just feel so weird..
i guess i need more rest n sleeps..

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