Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'm back !!!!

I'm Back in the airwave =)
its good to be back to the studio
yeay.... feel great to do what i enjoy 
yea.. after 4 months since i last touched 
baby buttons ;)
now i'm back!!!
though i was kinda nervous haha =)

well.... i'll be on every monday
CAFE 911
from 1-4pm ;)
if you are in KK
dont forget to tune in to 91.1 KKFM ;)
i'll be entertaining you with tons of hitz 
and juicy news and gossips 

so this is the buttons =)

feel so excited ;)
say HI from the studio ;)

producer told us to dress up and put on lipstick

i'll have a DATE with MR MIC ;)
there you go ;)
lovely studio 

till then,  this is casandra signing off ;)


  1. being a DJ? sounds lots of fun there!

  2. You're a DJ? Gotta teach me how to get jiggy with it :)

  3. @Fish: yea... i really enjoy it ;) in fact i'm loving it ;)

    @thristhan: haha.... sure ;) provided when i'm pro yea ;)

  4. chica..i think is mr.mike it wont be so obvious hahaha..