Tuesday, October 18, 2011

hey guys...
i;m having brain jamm after hours spent crapping my assignment
so spend some time to blog 
to grasp some fresh air
so we went out with frens faw days back 
well i have to say its another exciting aganda to be blogged =) 
** more still lining **

Heard some sweet love stories from friends and i feel like sharing it with u guys =)
** ehhhmmmm... not being desperate here a... just that i felt it'll be good if i can share some here.. hehe **

so there was a boy * Mr A who was seriously in love with this gal Ms. P since they first met each other back then in year one. Mr. A was amazed and totally in love with her because he thinks that she is pretty and smart.
He was always by her side when she has problems... and he is willing to spend most of his time waiting and care for her... 
Mr. A has been working real hard to catch Ms.P heart starting from the very first day
but it seems that Ms.P is very focus on her studies and activities...
Mr. A has been trying to confess to her few times and sadly, he was rejected everytime..
but then he was very keen on this soon to be happy ending relationship with Ms.P
He is not giving up even after few times of rejection..
i;m not trying to say that Ms.P  is cruel and cold hearted... 
but.. wat she was thinking was to focus on her studies and relationship comes in second...
she was struggling very hard to be good in every single things she does... 
especially her studies, activities, family ... and of course relationship...
After years of struggles... finally one evening... when Mr. A confess his heart and feeling to Ms.P
and guess wat... she finally say YES !!!!
she was touched by his action and patient to wait for her...
even after times off rejection 
phewwww.... can you imagine that ???
after 2 years.. finally they are together ;)
Congratz Mr.A and Ms.P =)
and this is the happy ending for the first story =)

wanna hear more.. ??
stay tuned 
sorry if the story dont sound romantic and touched to you...
my bad cuz my expression for this topic is not up to standard yet =) 

have a great day =)
gonna get back to work =)


  1. That showed guy's determination and want. Their story has melted my heart. Wish them all the best =)

  2. yea... actually there's one more kinda cute one ;) will blog next time ;)