Wednesday, October 19, 2011


i've been Thinking, thinking real hard lately...
That how people meet
from stranger to friend
this is consider step one.. and it is easy
but after becoming friends,
to keep the relationship and build it,
is not easy task
cuz u have to understand each other and care for each other

so we met few months ago...
you chat with me for the first time when i was busy doing my duty
you came, done your stuff
still not going off.. staying there... wanted to have more lines
ur lines were sweet and melting
well, i was actually enjoying the chat too...
not because of your sweet talk...
but it was really nice chatting with you

then we met again on the next event
u were as usual...
sweet talk and sugar lines...
but this time we didnt spent much time together
cuz we both have own work to do
only few lines
but it means a lot
even exchange number this time....

hoping for calls or something
but it seem not so positive..
guess you were too busy
day by day... it seem further to me
it was like years ago since we last met..
everyday seem to be too long for me
to think about it..
i'm hoping for surprise and miracle to happen everytime when i'm online

however, it dont seem to be happening...
therefore, i'm reminding myself not to think too hard for it
u wont have idea how hard it is...
cuz u dont even care....
fine... continue wit ur attitude..
i'll be fine...

my fren once said.... "why getting ones no when you dont plan to call him or her??"
now i think of it.. and i agree with the statement
why say something when you dont mean it ??
fine.. no worries.. time is all i need now =)

wat i was trying to say here after such long brag..??
sometime we cant expect stranger to be our friend
its better to remain stranger for some case..
maybe i'm being over sensitive here...
or i ook it too serious..
so.. its better to remain stranger sometime
at least it dont hurt so much...

i guess i was crapping a lot and this post seem very EMO
but thats how i feel...
dont feel like chatting to frens bout this......
just feel like blogging it..
if you happen to meet me... and read this post..
please dont ask me about it
thanks and take care =)


  1. I feel the very same way. Just that I'm in that stage of friends yet at the same time fall for him. uncertainty ruling =/

    Take care!

  2. yea.... the feel is like kinda complicated..
    its more than frens and yet not couple..
    u take care too dear...