Thursday, October 13, 2011

Touching Story

so i was totally amazed when i read this piece of short stories
though it only contains few lines of words.. but it means so much
and here's how the story goes
one day...a man dream of walking on the sandy beach
he found out that there were actually 2 sets of footprints behind him...
it was his own foot print and also God's
he was very delighted to have walk with HIM
and God told him that no matter what happen,
HE'll always be with him
and so this man remembered that during his hardest and saddest moment when everyone wants to leave him
he was totally helpless and he wondered why GOD was not with him
cuz there were only ONE set of footprint behind him...
so he decided to ask GOD...
"Dear GOD, you said you'll always be by myside after i choose to follow you. And why u were not with me during my saddest moment cause i only saw my own footprint on the beach ?"

and you want to know what God's answer ??
" My dear, the only footprint that you saw during that time was MINE, because i was carrying you with me."

so thats the end of the story...
i dont know how you feel...
but for me... it means a lot ;)

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