Wednesday, September 28, 2011


this is supposed to be blogged way earlier...
too bad i hv to delay it due to works ;) 
okay enough of nonsense.. 
out we go 
so we were heading to Kundasang ;)

bell, me, chloe, veron, pui mun, sai po, fang ling

tadaaa... here we are.. the first station
Kinabalu National Park ;)

we were having so much fun taking all sorts of pics 

here we are ... 
posing all ugly and funny poses...

pui mun, veron, bell, me ;)
hugging pose

trying out some effect ;)
nice ?? hehe
 Bell, Chloe, me ;)

tadaaa... here we are.. the first station
Kinabalu National Park ;)

we can opt to go by bus or by foot around the park ;)
we went there awhile just to take some pics and head to another destination ;)

2nd destination 
Poring Hot Spring
there are public and also private hotspring ;)
other than that, you can go to other places like listed below ;)

we went for Canopy Walk
didnt went to Hot Spring cuz it was very crowded ;)
well.. in order to get to the canopy walk...
u need to walk for quite some time..
like more than 30 mins

pui mun, veron, sai po,  me and Cute Bell :)

like this view ??

looks familiar ??
hehe.. .. the road not taken ;)

so this are the tickets to the canopy walk...
o ya... u will need to pay for it....
even the camera.. but we only pay once for few cameras ;)

basically the canopy walk is like tat ;) hehe

done with the canopy walk ;)

Epic tree ;) 

yea... finish ;) 
heading to the hot spring ;)
we are very excited for the next destination ;)
DESA cow farm in Kundasang ;)
which was my fav place ;)

the entrance ;) 

meet the main actors ;) the cow... mooo mooo ~~

so disappointed when we get to know that the milk has been sold out ;)
we was like WHAT ????
but never mind...
forget bout the milk
who cares when u ca still enjoy the fantastic scenery ;) haha

some how i feel doing yoga here suit :) haha

u noticed that i actually didnt write much here??
this is because my words will be useless here i guess
cause the main object is the scenery ;)
GOSH ...
words cant explain it ;)

some how i feel this pic is kinda GELI..
because both of us was like kissing each other hahahha
spoil the view 

basically... we spent few hours here
taking all sorts of picture...
hope you'll like the view as much as i do ;)
if you are coming to KK
dont forget to visit this place ;)
especially if you like nature 
one more thing
its super windy here... haha
superb  !!!

guess thats all for today...
stay tuned cuz i have more exciting post ;) 
Adios !!!
signing off ;)


  1. seems like nice trip. =)

  2. I need to go to a place like the last 2 pix, i am soooo stress.

  3. bring camera also need to pay ah.. lol.. that's a rip off! anyway, beautiful greenery :)