Friday, September 23, 2011

blogging in Megalab

so yes..
here i am in the library using the MEGALAB computer to blog
for your information... Megalab is a place where we can use public computer to online..
there are round hundreds computer in the lab
but today this place is kinda crowded as most of the students here are registering 
and of course some are Facebooking haha
cant help.... people just get addicted to it
perhaps i shld say it has become their routine 
hmmmm..... and yea.. i'm Facebooking as well
waiting for my next class...

just drop by here to drop few lines.. hehe
so i guess i gotta end this crap soon...
cuz i might crap more and at last
you wont have idea what i'm crapping 
k... gotta chao :)
say hi to me if u have my FB account ;)
take care...


  1. just wondering when was the last time i visited a library.. haha :P

  2. haha... bet u kinda library as well... btw.. like ur blog very much ;) its funny and yet informative ;)enjoy reading it ;)