Sunday, September 25, 2011


okay... i get it..
i know i have been MIA for quite some time lately..
forgive me cuz its due to crazy UNI life and adapting to new schedule lately
assignments, classes, meetings, tutorials, activities and also not to forget entertainments
though i'll be posting few posts soon
so these are wat u can expect
2 days trips in Kundasang and KK with form 6 frens
Hennessy Artistry in WhiteRoom, KK Times Square
Back to the conti... KKFM

so i guess basically that's it ;)
it will take me some time to choose the pics cause i've had tons of pics to choose
well.. of course haha...
this is wat we do... take tons of it then pick the best one ;)
okay okay
enough of my craps...
well.. i love blogging not because i love to crap ( well.. some time YES... but its not the main thing)
but because of i LOVE to SHARE ;)

so dont forget to tune in for the upcoming post
till then... bye bye ;)
take care ;)

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