Tuesday, September 6, 2011


its already September... 
though we had long long holiday this time..  almost 4 months..
but mine was fully occupied spent my 2 months for SIFE activities...
then others for some other activities
so basically my holiday was not enough haha....
but still i spent it nicely...
outing with family and friends 
meaningful holiday i would say...
before that dated double A for movie 
Whos that? haha they  are my KKFM seniors ;) funny ppl 
sometime like to bully ppl as well.. 
but hanging out with them was fun and u'll experienced laughing all day long... haha
so met them at TIMESQUARE 
wat ???? u went Timesquare again ??? seriously ???
but today we are not 3 ....
cuz i brought my sis and cousins along
6 of us in total ;)

to be honest i wanted to watch Final Destination 5 !!!
but then there were kids.. and also one of the A who is also Big Kido...
she doesnt want to watch it...
at first i thought i could ask my sis to accompany the kids and me and double A go for Final Destination 5
unfortunately... one A was not interested ahhaha...
she asked me to go with another A and she will take care of them
though i wanted to... but then i didnt not haha
still i feel being together with all is the best..
we decided to watch
so if you have no idea wat it is...
watch the trailer below and u'll have the idea ;)

basically these blue little creatures was from their own planet 
and they came to earth because they were trying to run away from the bad wicked witch 
wanna know how they get rid of the bad witch??
well.. u have to watch ;)
so these Smurfs sings all day long.. while working and almost everything
they la all day long ;)
 kinda cute and funny ;)

so this will be the last movie with double A before going back to study ;)

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