Friday, September 16, 2011

Hello Kota Kinabalu

so basically i am back to KK for my 5th semester
its been a week plus...
those are some u may ask :
1. hows life? - well... so far so good ;)

2. hows new room and room mate? - well..  i got double room for this year.. with a friendly junior

3. hows class? - so far .. i would say okay.. not much comments yet cuz stil need more time to evaluate haha

4. any work so far? - hmm.. yea.. i would say a lot.. a d have essay on the very first class.  well its International Law and Policy.. with 250 words.. okay.. then 6 review questions for business ethics, and tons of International Relation issues to be read on.. sooo SUCK it up !! gonna work real hard for it
o ya... one more... need to plan for an event for Event Management class.. sooo... gonna be crazy life soon

5. hows SIFE? - well..  for ur information i'm a SIFEr ;) which stands for Students In Free Enterprise. If u have no idea what SIFE is all about... pls google it ya ;) or go to cuz i've been explaining it more than times to others ;) haha.. World Cup will be held in Kuala Lumpur on October.. well u heard me right..  its Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.. finally.. malaysia get to host the event this year... so i'm definitely going ;) hehe.. grateful that i got the chance to go to World Cup 2010 in Los Angeles last year ;) so yes yes yes !!! cant wait for it.. but before that.. meetings, proposal, and paper works need to be done  

6. wat about entertainment ?? - wahaha.. well to answer this ques.. allow me to laugh for awhile..  cuz i've been to few malls for few times in a week... and of course.. 1 Borneo.. cuz i've there for more than 4 times in a week.. hahha.. cant help cuz have to get stuffs.. and it is the nearest place to get stuffs.. so gonna spend most of my time there... as usual.. even ppl recognize us haha...

7. any movie ? - of course !!! O man.. we cant live without movie in KK.. cuz thats one of our entertainments in KK... haha.. so we've watched NASI LEMAK 2.0 after class.. tatday.. and to be honest--- the movie is nice.. if u dont believe me.. watch it !!! funny yet very meaningful. and it  out of my expectation cuz i never expect Malaysian Movie can be so good :) so KUDOS to Malaysian Movie ;) wheeee !!

8. how bout food ? - welll so far.. i hvnt  been eating in campus.. so errmmm... no comment.. haha

9. lecturers ?? - i am taking 2 elective this semester.. and i would say they are good... will be meeting same lectures for few classes :) and i'm satisfied with my lecturers and live the way they teach and i'm comfortable with their ways of teaching ;)

so i guess basically i've answer the question that needed to be answered..  haha..
wheee... yes.. i've just finished my works haha..
and i know assignments, tutorials, meetings, paper works, and tons of things are awaiting for me ahead..
so long guys ;) update u soon bout bits of Uni life ;)
tata take care ;)


  1. lol! yay! im going kk soon! might need ur advices! =D

  2. haha... sure ;) will try my best to give advice haha ;)