Tuesday, September 6, 2011

300811 Sharon Day

so this is supposed to be posted in August...
instead i only update it now...
sorry for the delay dear friends
but late is still better than none rite 
okay okkay... enough with this explanation stuff 
so we dated Sharon (who we supposed to date long long ago... but it seems that every time there is things which either one of us cant make it)
its lucky that she had holiday during RAYA and MERDEKA week..
met her at TIMESQUARE
then we went for brunch at "Sap Pat Fong Mei" 

century egg porridge 

iced lemon aloe vera 

pumpkin custard bun

siew mai

noodles with minced meat

hong kong chee cheong fun
its unbelievable.. we sat and chat for almost 3 hours.. OMG..
we were lonnnnngggg winded...
and after the chat only we realized that people was actually staring at us (seats)
cuz there was really looonggg queue...
feel guys... cuz we hvnt been chatting since century ( only few months) 
so we paid and left the place..
and most importantly.. the SEATS

walked around... shop by shop...floor by floor...
after hours of walking...
then we went for drinks and continue chatting session
and of course... the camwhore session begins

Bell, Sharon, Chloe

Me, Sharon, Chloe

so this is the retarded wan...
well... we never missed out RETARDS pics ;)
if u know us well hahahhahah

and here come the reunion pic ;)
though its kinda blur... 
but stil i love it
blessed day ;)
o... ya.. learn a new word few days ago..
and i guess i shld use it ;)


till then --- see ya !!!

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