Monday, August 29, 2011


well... it was indeed another free day for me as i'm still my holiday... wheee
so Elaine decided to make Cheese Tart..
and of course i'll be there to help out ..
help out ??? 
well.. not for baking but disturb haha :)
went to grab the ingredients and went to her house to bake TARTS

as u can see in the picture... 
we need lemon, butter, blueberry topping, cheese, wheat flour, eggs, sugar ...

okay.. lets get down to business
first we need to make the pastry
ingredients: (A) 200g butter & 100g icing sugar
(B) 1 Egg
(C) 420g plain flour 

1. Cream (A) lightly and add (B) cream until smooth
2. Add (C) and mix it well.

3. then press it into the tart mould ;)

next.. we'll have to do the tart filling
(A) 250g cream cheese
(B) 30g butter and 100g sugar
(C) 1 tablespoon flour
(D) 1 Egg
(E) 1 tablespoon lemon juice
(F) 50g whipping cream

1. cream (A) till smooth and add (B) to it.
2.  Add (C) and cream it
3. Add (D) into it and cream it till well  combined.
4. Add (E) and (F) then cream it
5. Pour the cheese mixture into the prepared tart mould

well..  u can add in topping as well..  
any flavor will do according to your taste ;)

see this ???
just add bit of it on top of the tart 
just to give some blueberry aroma as well as the taste ;)
so its ready to be baked !!

leave it in the oven for 30 minutes at 175'C 

-after 30 minutes-
its DONE ;) 
Mini Cheese Tart ;)
its easy ;)

serve it with english tea or coffee will do ;)
enjoy ;) 


  1. so nice.. i love cheese tarts! the photo of the crust alone in the mold also nice already :P

  2. WOW! Awesome tart, I would like to have some too. visit me too anyway, thanks!

  3. I never try one before =D but cheese cake on the other hand I've try plenty... Can't wait to make some this holiday ^^ thanks for sharing!

  4. Omg, you guys are so skillful and creative. If i knew how to do cheese tarts, I think i'll make one everyday for myself and my family. LOL


  5. Wow, it's quite easy to make. Maybe I should give it a try too! :D

  6. wootz...look veri nice on it....yum yum....^^