Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Behind the Scene "THE CHANGE"

Do You Know ??
that SIFE UMS has composed a new song ?
now u know !!!
Yes here we are behind the scene for the song "The Change"
i am proud to say that the song is good ;)
i'm incharge to compile lines from the member ;)
yea yea....
this is a song about nature and environment
to urge young and future generation to love nature
we have brought some kids from primary schl to join us
and here we go ....

we are waiting for order

like these... 
soo artistic ;)

see this...
save our world
its a message

part of the song 
the change is in our hand
lets come together as one
One Heart, One World, One Community
Spread our Love, Care, and Gratitude
For Our Children 


two cute Kids from FRANCE ;)

meet our lil actors and actresses 

part of the scene 

Ding Dong Bell  


took this after the video shooting
took us kinda long to finish the whole thing
but we had fun though under hot sun 

gonna have rest ;) 
and have tones of water after hours under the sun

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