Friday, August 5, 2011

We Did It Again ;)

o-hai-yo ;)
its outing day again 
we went to NEWAY 

Ding Dong Bell, Chloe Babe, Elaine Dear 
after hours of karaoke battle 
after hours of screaming and shouting
i left the place 
didnt really have our lunch there cuz we were busy singing
Ms Chloe suggested that we go to SENTUL for her fav asam fish head
(okay !! once again she wants to go there... i mean seriously.. i tried once and we failed to reach the place, yet she wanted to try again)
i objected...
but then she confirm with her mum, and promise that she can find the place this time..
so i  thought OK perhaps we can try this time..
and here it goes...
we kinda miss few lanes at first
but then managed to get to the junction and saw the restaurant from far
thought we can reach there....
its a wrong turning again !
i mean AGAIN !!!!!
OMG !!!!
2nd time !!!
then u know wat ?
caught in the jamm lorrrr....

at last...
 headed to Leisure Mall for dinner ;)
we went to Sakae Sushi
i mean off all the places to go..
we are back to Cheras again
WHY ????
CHLOE !!!!!!!!!! YOU !!!!!!!!

hahha... so sorry 
cuz i dont really know the name of the sushi
so only pic and no description

my DEARs.. Elaine n Chloe
and not forgetting BELL
she was beside me ;)

was kinda full
so camwhore while resting 

MOCHI, Green Tea + Red Bean Ice cream, Black Sesame Ice cream
yummy ;)
after early dinner ;)
we walked for while then decided to go for tea ;)
hahahah cuz we dont wanna go home first 
haha... after long hours of discussion 
finally we decided to go to IN HOUSE
hahaha... took us so long to decide 

OMG !!! Bell said she's hungry !!!!!
cant u believe it?
i mean we just finished our dinner
and yet she said she's hungry
OMG !!!
but its good that she wont get fat hahahaha
if not!!! i cant imagine hahhaha

so these are wat we ordered
drinks and toast
then after chit and chat session 
then we are off to Elaine Villa ;)
have hours of PILLOW TALK ;)
hehehh then had our beauty sleep ;)

Chapter 2
Morning Sunshine 
after breakfast
we broke up with Bell cuz she has date with he fren ;)
then we headed to Gardens
after the interview
we went to Starbucks for chit chat session again :)
and of course cam whore session 

well.... u know wat?
the theme color of the day is PINK hahah
notice tat ??

enjoying my Green Tea Latte Blended ;)

ahha.. i;m bored with my current hair color 
so bought this ;)
easy to use
just apply it on dry hair ;)
wait for 20-30 mins ;)
wash off 
there u go new hair color ;) hehehe

hehehe... then went to Canton-I for late light Lunch

had porridge, glutinous rice, cruller, and chinese tea
then time to go ;)
wanna avoid the jamm 
too bad cant managed to avoid it !!

well... theres always something u can do 
Chloe was too tired to join
Elaine has to drive 

i'm alone ;)
soo guys.... 
if u r caught in the jamm next time ;)
take out ur camera and 
* strictly not for driver !!
* Mr. Driver or Ms. Driver -- pls concentrate 
hahaha ;)

till then - Tata !!!!

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