Friday, August 26, 2011

Movie Marathon

Morning Sunshine
yes... finally can go out for fun 
after staying in house for more than a week for my poor toe to get well after surgery
we plan to go for movie marathon
went for breakfast at Cheras 
we had DIM SUM ;)

 “Wu Gok" its made from yam ;)

Fried Prawn Dumpling
"har gao" Prawn Dumpling

"Siew Mai"

Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun ;)

Btw.. i went with my dears...
Bell, Chloe and Elaine ;)
Fully Loaded
then we head to Mid Valey for our full day program 
booked our ticket earlier

thats right 
Zookeeper @ 11.00am
Spy Kid @ 1.20pm
well... actually there are more that we would like to watch...
perhaps next time ;)
pheww.... movie marathon end ;)
*Movie Review*
Zookeeper - the movie was nice and funny ;)
Spy Kid -  like the effects of the movie and most importantly ;) Jessica Alba hehe ;)

then we headed to Library for drinks :)

 love the ambiance

 cranberry juice, cappuccino, mocha latte

the gals in action ;)
busy taking pictures for each other 
Bell and Chloe

while this busy lady - Elaine is on the phone 

and well so am i
busy cam whoring ;)

after our chatting and gossip session ;)
we went for walk 

time for dinner 
went to CHILIS ;)


Bell with Chili Sauce


Dont really remember the name sorry ;)

Chicken Ranch BUrger

Mushroom Chicken Fajitas 

Molten Chocolate Cake

well... the portion was HUGE..
we cant really finished..
but it was nice 
realized that we always go to Chilis'  when we are back in KL

satisfied day 
Uni gotta start soon so enjoy to the max first 

till then - Adios !!


  1. i would like to try for movie marathon but has no one want to do it with me :(

  2. wow... your life is about enjoyment...=P

  3. i wanna try movie marathon one day too! haha..

  4. i wan the hongkong chee cheong fan!

  5. @Kiki: yea.. u shld try it ;) its fun... force them haha

    @euniceee: haha... only during holiday i guess ;)

    @ken: yea.. try it ;)

    @camy: well .. u can get it easily in the dim sum restaurant ;)

    @jfook: yea.. i'll be there everytime i'm back for holiday ;)