Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Make Way for Barbie and Ken ;)

When it comes to childhood..
i think of Barbie Dolls ;)
but i'm not really a Barbie Doll freak...  ;)
just one of my childhood activities 
so i was at aunt's place and the gals were playing these..
well...  i joined them and decided to blog it ;) 
and here it is 

well...  i do remember i had few dolls last time ...
but i dont remember i have these..... much of clothes, shoes, heels, dresses...  
its like the whole Fashion Store and Runway show is going on

look at the dresses..
OMG !!!

the Models 
without any further ado..
lets the fashion begin ;)
first of all
its classy chic style ;)

 the elegant and simple cocktail dress 

 pink panther dinner wear ;)

sexy blue dress


make way for barbie ;)

the elegant ballerina look 

classy dinner night wear ;)

sexy casual wear 

so do u like the fashion show?
didnt really put on all the dresses 
too many

so if you are a BIG FAN for Barbie and Ken 
check out these website

haha.. those were the days 
playing Barbie make me feel young again..  hahah
not to say i'm old but well.. haha 
i'm sure u know wat i mean ;)

so wats urs toy or games u played ??
lets share ;)
till  then ...  Tadaa~~~


  1. I used to play Barbie dolls tooo! But I don't have that much of clothes and shoes lol.

  2. awwww...When i loook at ur photos memories flooded my mind!

  3. wwowwww what a collection there!! i wish i have those. never had doll during my childhood, i was busy babysitting my younger siblings. i guess that's a form of having doll too? yes? only that the dolls are 'alive' ;p

  4. wah U got many many of them! *_*

  5. haha...reminds me for my childhood but i'm not a barbie doll freak too..

  6. wow nice! i only had 1 doll, and my mum sewed me 1 dress and 1 panties LOL

  7. @Stephanie:hehe ;)

    @dblchin: yea... sometimes its good to play and feel young again haha ;)

    @Ronaldmohoni: haha yea ;)

    @ladybird: haha.. yea.. so perhaps u can get one now.. its never too late ;)

    @ken:LOL.. so which outfit would u like to buy for ur GF ?

    @Kian: yea ;)

    @kiki: haha.. yea.. me too ;) just play it when really feel like playing it ;)

    @jamie: haha.. so sweet of her ..

  8. waaaa so many shoes!!! Hahaha i always lost their shoes coz too tiny XD

    Haha really miss those days... :)

    ps: blogwalking ^__^

  9. wow! you very geng!

    personally i dont like dolls, in fact im scared! imagine they suddenly come alive! =S

  10. @vee-sia: haha yea.... try to keep them in a box so that u wont lose it easily ;) i lost some too.. left u comment too ;)

    @henry: hehe... weiiiii... no la.. dont think too much... they r just dolls ;)

  11. i always played barbie as the villain or blonde slut in my childhood LOL

  12. @toninkush: LOL... u r the first guy who play barbie among my friends ..