Wednesday, August 3, 2011

wild n crazy !!!!

WHEEEEE ~~~~~~
SIFE National Exposition 2011 finally over
its time for some rest ;)
but stil i will said its a GOOD COMPETITION 
met many cool SIFERs from different Uni 
am really looking forward for SIFE WORLD CUP 2011
its gonna be a grand one !!!

yea yea
who are they??
Ms. Feria, Ai, Siew, Albert, and Kalai 
ofcourse Bell and Elaine 
but Chloe absent hahah ;) 

Anyhow its FUN 
and we gonna go all out !!!
Lets Go !

waiting for them ;)

Bell  is soo happy under the merry-go-round ;)

hahah though we never went in 

reflection ~~
where to go ???

hey u !!! listen to me 

Elaine look soooo happy hugging her Mr SunBear ;)

Bell showing her retarded face ;) wuahahahah

like this pond ;)

finally Bell looks bigger 
hahahhahaha =D

i'm still taller than her even she's sitting hahahha ;)

just love this view 


i cant stand this pic
both of them look soooo funny

Bell just look like kid ;)
we went to Pet Village while waiting for the rest ;) hahha
actually my main purpose is to take a look at my FAV pet
BUNNY !!! hahah

look at Bell
she is talking to the goat 
OMG !!!

i wonder wat is it doing ??

see its BUNNY :)
soooooo cute !!!!!

yea yea they finally here a d....
after we met Ms and Albert 
we went for the first ride 
while still waiting for the others 
took a mild one hahahhah
before going for the EXTREME wan ahhaha

then we took the water wan ....
sooo wet !!!
but who cares ??
cuz its FUN!!!!

WET LOOK after the ride
actually we took few rides ahahha

then we went for more EXTREME game 
TOMAHAWK hahahhah
Bell, Elaine n Ms dont dare to take the ride hahahhah
only me n Albert went for it hahahha
but to be honest, the first time is kinda scary
but then the 2nd time is like OKAY !!!

hahaha.. after we met Ai n Siew
we went for the 3rd wan... hahhaha
but then only Me, Ai n Albert 
hahahah though we tried hard to convince her to take the ride hahhaha

hahahha i still managed to make some monkey face hahhaha...

then we went to the Water Park
too bad i have to keep my camera in the locker 
never took any pics there
but then we had a lot of fun there
Laugh, Scream, Splash !!!!! 
most important --- WET and FUN ;)
gone Crazy and Wild !!!

beware of the following pic !!
if u r below 18 please stay away from the following pic !!!

they r in the middle of ehhhhhmmmm ;)
well u know so i dont have to mention ahha ;)

Kalai, Siew, Ai, Albert, Elaine, Bell 

Kalai, Siew, Ai, Albert, Bell, Me, Ms
pay attention to Ai's finger 
its her Fav scene hahahah

walk for awhile....
then we back for few rides... 
o ya !!!
we took the PIRATE SHIP ride 
OMG !!!
its 360 degree 
scream and laugh a lot !!!

then we took few rides before we went off

Opppsssss... blur case

went off at 6.00pm
actually we wanted to take the pirate ship ride again
too bad,....

then we went to Sunway Pyramid for dinner
it was very fun day
for me to distress
esp after the tiring competition 
plus they are all funny and crazy ppl
though tired but still AWESOME ;) 

Kudos Day !!!! 
yeay !!

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