Tuesday, August 9, 2011


5th August 
someone's big day
wel.. its Elaine's bday
actually its has been a long time since we celebrated bday together
decided our plan early in the morning 
too bad Bell and Chloe cant join us
they have their own program 
headed to Pavilion first ;)
they are having Tokyo Street at 6th floor
very nice and lots of japanese delicacies

went for dessert 
grabbed a Black Sesame Ice Cream 

Elaine - the B'day Gal

there it is KINDORI  Japanese Ice Cream 
Try it ;)
i'm sure u'll like it 

these little cute thing is MOCHI ;) 
stuffed with diff flavor of Cream 
though we never tried ;)
but it looks very delicious 
and the stall was very crowded

this is special dedicated to Chloe who love KITTY so much

then we went to Tony Ramas for some light snack 

Onion Loaf 
yummy but cant really take too much ;)

our all time fav drink 
Iced Lemon Tea
went to check out some stores then off we go 
go home??
of course not !!! its still early ;)

then we wanted to go for tea ;)
yup ....
traditional british tea 
Mandarin Oriental Hotel 
we had traditional British tea at the hotel Lounge 
here we gooo !!!!
RM68 per pax, you can indulge urself in a three-tiers tea time set with a choice of tea or cofffee
and we had tea

its butter, strawberry jam, and marmalade  

greetings from Cas and Elaine ;)
taken while waiting for our tea ;)

here it is ...
our tea + biscotti

out three-tiers tea set ;)

the lowest tier are some sweet dessert ;)
including choc cake, passion fruit pudding, cheese cake, biscuit .....

the middle tier
cucumber sandwich, salmon sandwich, corn sandwich, egg mayo sandwich  

top tier - scones and pudding ;)

we are too full....
actually we only ordered 1 set cuz we cant finish  2 sets. 
and yet ... only 1 set we also cant managed to finish it 

at last.. had a cup of lemon tea ;)


camwhore session in the restroom hahhha

okok.. time to go :)
dont wanna get caught in the jamm again 
too bad...
we got caught again
i even have plenty of time to take the following shot 

can u imagine how jamm it was?
Twin Tower

nice huh?

lastly --- happy birthday once again ya. my dear 
elaine ;) 
one more year older a d .. hahaha

best wishes from - casandra 

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