Thursday, September 8, 2011

bye bye KL...

so..  its my last day in KL before heading back to KK for 5th semester
time pass so fast.. i mean i'm a senior and i'm already in my 3rd year..
one more year to go and i'll be in career world.. though cant really imagine that
but lives must go on ;)
gonna do it RIGHT and make the best out of it
seniors always told me to enjoy my UNI while i'm still studying cuz after graduate
you'll gonna be busy and you'll  have no time to enjoy for you wont be having so much time to do things u wants to do.. well... emmmm  maybe its right ;)  i supposed they are right..
so what you'll expect in my "coming up" posts will be my study lives in KK
or i called it senior year.. (though i dont feel like being a senior)
went through some technical problems while registering for my upcoming subjects..
one word --- HEADACHE
but now its  settled.. too bad i cant get the subjects that i am supposed to take
hope i can register it during the "add and drop" week
* fingers cross*

and of course..  been away so long from CONTI, need to get my ass back to CONTI
for DJ-ing wheee.. miss it soooo much..

o ya..  been planning to visit few more places in Sabah while studying there...
hmmm... cow farm in Kundasang, Beaches esp Sipadan Island (though they say its scary), more local places ;)
so... stay tuned for more updates ;)

gonna leave now.. get ready to catch my flight later
gonna be saying HI in KK soon ;)
till then bye bye KL and Hello KK

good day peeps :)


  1. Hello! First time here :)
    All the best to you!!!
    Can I know what are you studying now?

  2. hi ;) thanks ya ;)
    i'm studying International Business ;)

  3. @merrya: yea.. ;) for one more year