Sunday, October 16, 2011

World Hunger

hey guys, have you ever heard of world hunger ??
if you don't, allow me to briefly enlighten you
well.. world hunger refer to the want or scarcity of food aggregated to the world level
problems lead after world hunger will be malnutrition
there are 2 types of malnutrition :
1. Protein-energy malnutrition - where lack of protein and food that provide us energy like meat.
2.  Micronutrient - lack of vitamin and mineral

however, people are more concern on the first problem,  Protein-energy malnutrition  (PEM)
As we all know the protein is necessary for our body to function which include provision of essential amino acids and development and maintenance of muscles.

925 million hungry people in 2010

so this is the fact that i got from World Hunger and Poverty Facts and Statistic 2011. 
As you can see from the chart, the number of world hunger is very serious and yet people are still not concern about it... i mean seriously!!!! People still WASTING FOOD !!!! 
What i was trying to tell is that, GUYS please... you have think take this seriously
its WORLD HUNGER and we are talking about people's life
this is no joke... please dont waste your food ...
if you think you can't finish the portion, you might wanna share with your friend =)
or even of you dont wanna share with your friends... you can always pack your food !
( bring your own container, and stuff the left over in) 
if you have left over next time, please try to think of people or kids from poor countries who
dont even get the chance to sip or eat !!! 
please take it seriously...

in conclusion, i just wanna leave a message here

simple step for a better world... 
dont waste your food 

thanks =) peace 

with love, 

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