Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sayangs' Convocation

20th October 2012
another ordinary day for us
but a very special day for my sweethearts
cuz today is their Big Day
after 3 years of hard work
it's their graduation
Happy Convocation my dear
Veronica, Taira, Janice, Elaine and Bell
Veronica, Elaine, Taira, Me

Bell, Elaine, Taira, Veronica, Me

Taira, Me, Janice, Veronica

Look at my darlings..
all suit up
aren't they pretty in their robe ?

Chloe and me at Elaine's convo

We are happy family :)
Look who's here !!
Vivien, our junior in Secondary school :)
thank you !!
Congratulation again my dears!!!

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