Friday, October 5, 2012

Lam Lam's Convocation

This is how i kickstart my October
Spent the afternoon in Tropicana Mall with Kenneth searching for presents for our Lam Lam
after having lunch with Joanne
too bad she has to go back for classes
Attended the #UMMockTrial at night
it was my first time =)
well, i would say its nice
and funny
pretty witness who speaks lots of hashtag

 all the funny actors (future lawyers)
we laughed our way till the end
headed for really late dinner round 12am
it was fun =)
slept over at Jo's place
chat till late night !
just like the housemate life in Singapore 2 months back
----- 3rd Oct BIG DAY for Lam Lam -----
attended Jo's friend's convo in the morning
had lunch with Joanne and Kenneth
waited for hours just for our dear Lam Lam
"It will end later. one more hour to go. you guys wanna go back first?"
"No worries"
hang around in UM going for some tours
its time to hunt for Lam Lam
It was sooooooooo crowded
had some hard time spotting her in the crowds

She is getting ready for a Lifting ceremony with the juniors haha
took off her heels, spec, ...etc
Paying attention to the junior while he's explaining how they do it
she is ready to lay down
GOOD LUCK babe!!!
She is safe after few rounds of Liftings haha

Kenneth, Joanne, Crystal Lam, Me
from the MACH Interns :)

hope you like the gift

met Evelyn as well haha
what a small world
After a long hooooohaaaaa...
its time to go..
Left Lam Lam (who was still busy taking pictures)
Joanne (who has to attend class)
Great time with the gang
crazy, fun, ...etc
car hopping for me too.. haha
thanks kenneth and joanne for picking and dropping me

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  1. woo!! You from UM?? nice to meet you...( come here because of a link from a blogger)