Friday, September 7, 2012

Intern to MACH (Moments To Be Treasured)

OMG… 3 months has passed so fast, sorry for not updating my blog for such a long period of time as I was busy with my internship.

I really can’t accept the fact that today will be my last day intern-ing with Microsoft Malaysia Sdn Bhd. To be honest, I thought I will be excited the day when my internship ends. However, I actually feel sad and heavy hearted. L I guess I am loving this place after all. It was really a great journey and I learned so much throughout this 3 months from paper works, collecting data, learning all the technology to meeting a bunch of awesome people. FYI, for a non-techy like me, learning to love and appreciate awesome technology that Microsoft has wasn’t easy at all. LOL no kidding!!  To me, technology was never my interest and I never imagined myself working in software IT company, but after spending almost 12 weeks with Microsoft, I guess I’m starting to love it. At least I learn to appreciate it and share it! *applause please* And I’m actually excited about the launch for Windows 8! *strange?!?*

First month spent in Microsoft Singapore was really an eye opening program for me as I get to know bunch of awesome interns from other Asia Pacific Region including Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, and also not forget my dear Malaysian interns! Have to say I love the diversity and richness of Culture. We were well blended I guess. And of course our mama, Anna (University Staffing Consultant for Asia Pacific Region) who picked us and provide us this great opportunity.

Many thanks and WE LOVE YOU ANNA! Thank you for taking care of us *muacks* Other than that, we also get the chance to meet many experienced leaders in Microsoft who has shared with us their insights and experience. Providing us a lot of advice for our future career. Mucho Gracias! Also, Universal Studio trip was FANTASTIC!
I've got to say I love this picture a lot !

After a month of training program in Microsoft Singapore, all the interns are back to their respective country to continue their internship. Guess what? Though we are apart, it has not affect our friendship! Thanks to Lync, Microsoft Roundtable…etc we are somehow CONNECTED! Calling and updating each other through calls, emails, and many other ways. You name it, we have it. *the power of Technology, you have to LOVE it!
Internship in Microsoft Malaysia has given us another “taste”. From getting to know our manager, department, the Leadership Team to other staffs in the company, it was totally a different dimension I would say. Despite all the crazy schedules and difficulties in trying to catch our target individuals for talk and discussion, I would say this is definitely one of my greatest achievement up to date being part of the Microsoft family as an Intern to MACH. Having the honor to attend the events that the company organized including COMPANY BUKA PUASA DINNER and Kickoff event, was our pleasure as an intern. I really do hope the internship could last longer so that I get to meet more awesome people.

Malaysia team ! from left: Kenneth, Karuna, Rina, Joanne, Me, Crystal & Jovian =)
*FYI, this is not a restaurant, its our Pantry! =)
By the way, a little secret to be reviewed after I’ve attended the team building games during KickOff event, they are actually a bunch of Awesome, Fun, Wild, Crazy, ROCK people. Excuse their serious and fierce look during work in the office. LOL!!! Now I know they work hard and play hard too.

I guess I’m being quite ‘long winded’ here, have to stop or else it’s gonna take forever for me to stop sharing here. Last word from me, I LOVE MY INTERNSHIP and Glad to meet a big bunch of Amazing people. YOU GUYS ROCK MY WORLD and coated my internship

Well, I guess this is the summary of my fantastic Internship journey. Stay tuned for my detailed internship blog post.

Till then, see ya !!!
Casandra, Intern to MACH :’’)


  1. The perpetually hungry dudeSeptember 7, 2012 at 9:52 AM

    ehhh we love you too

    1. The perpetually hungry dude's broSeptember 8, 2012 at 3:28 PM

      you are so sweet! Love you!