Saturday, February 13, 2010


Its friday!!!!
o ya! my first time to wear lenses...
so i went to chloe's room first to seek for help...
guess how long i took???
wel, chloe said 30 mins is not bad for first timer
hehe... (cheers for myself)
wel, we rented a car, headed to the town...
gal frens wanna buy cookies back to hm town.
had a nice outing day with them...
had so much fun...
o ya!!! and took tons of pics... AS USUAL !
Then, headed to CITY MALL
Veron... undecided mind
wanna buy 2 dresses / opt for one only
took a long time to decide..

haiz... i didnt stay wit her cuz i wanna buy myself things too...
so, i walked off... LET her decide
I bought a nice outfit !! (satisfied)
at last, my dear fren VERON, bought 1 only..
chloe bought a NUT spec and pair of slippers
then we had KOREAN food at city mall for dinner... emmm
so nice !!
then headed to 1B (again)..
cuz Bell wanna get her eyelashes...

headed home then, had a nice rest n pack stuffs

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