Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hard Work over Luck or vice versa

Another interesting and debatable topic
HARD WORK over luck or LUCK over hard work ??
again, this is a very subjective topic
different people has different opinion, no offense

well, I have to say I support HARD WORK over luck
the thing is that, how often will you have Luck?
furthermore, to have luck at the right time?? how often will you get to experience that?
would you rather wait for luck to approach you or work to attract luck?

I view LUCK as blessings. you can never expect or hope for it, but who would refuse it when its here... so when its here, just open your arms and receive it =)
one might say, without luck, life can be very hard sometimes. and without luck, no matter how hard you work, there's no difference. well, no comment... that is your view.
but still you can never depend on luck can you?

put it another way round, what is luck when there isn't any hard work to take action to achieve the result.
for example, would you think if the sales man will achieve or over achieve his target if he only stays at home and wait for his luck? answer is NO! NEVER! He must be hard working enough to meet as many people as possible in order to sell. *see my point?* Luck can be part of his success but it can never be ALL. Hard work plays a big role here!

You maybe really lucky, but how far can you go with your luck without showing your hard work and result?

So next time, before you say someone is Lucky, you might want to think if its Luck or Hard Work that brought him/her that far and successful. =)

enough of my #bs, back to work! back to work!

till then, see ya!

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